Friday, August 12, 2005

I have running water! And a microwave! And an Insinkerator!

One step closer. The guys came back today and did some more work...we now have a fully functional sink, garbage disposal, and microwave/oven hood. No trim yet, windowsill, toe kicks, cove base molding, dishwasher or range, but I guess I understand their reasoning for that...only makes sense to finish all that AFTER the floors go in Monday. I guess.

But I sure was looking forward to cooking on my new range this weekend. *pout*

But it's all right...we have plenty to do as it is. I came home tonight, installed the rest of my wall plates, and put the new salt and pepper shaker set and spoon rest that I bought at Target on the counters. Has anyone noticed just how much stainless steel stuff there is out there right now? Yikes. We are SO in luck. We almost bought a new breadbox too, but decided to wait and check Lowe's and Bed Bath and Beyond first.

Finally, for the first time in weeks, I feel like things are starting to go my way. Finally. We picked up the piece of glass we ordered for my new desk today and it is a perfect fit and looks great. I went by Michael's on the way home and discovered that they have an incredible selection of black and white art that is way more affordable than the dregs on Ebay. We found an exterior painter yesterday that gave us a bid on repainting the house which is about a third less than what I anticipated...AND he can start the week after next. My floorers are coming Monday morning. Our windows should be here Monday morning. My dresser is going to be done by the end of the weekend. I got a GREAT baby gift today from my package full of pink clothes for my daughter. It was a beautiful day here today in big D. For the first time in over a week I don't feel like a bloated whale. My people at my claim today were a tad dopey, but otherwise pleasant to work with. And P and I both got bonuses at work!

What a great day!

I promise, pictures soon...we are going to discuss buying baseboard on Sunday and getting it painted so we can install it next week and then call for our carpet cleaners. I can't WAIT. I can really see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And it's BRIGHT!


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