Tuesday, August 02, 2005

My first really uncomfortable pregnant day

I woke up yesterday morning laying on my back JUST like all the books tell you not to do and with the most uncomfortable pain right between my ribcage. My first thought was that my daughter had shifted positions and was laying in a weird position.

I immediately shifted to lay on my side to take a little of the pressure off. It helped, but unfortunately I couldn't stay in bed all day.

I got up. I got ready for work. My trainee drove me to Decatur so I could lean the seat back. I was sluggish and slow walking around my fire. Thank GOD my trainee was there to measure or I'd still be there measuring that house.

I finally get home after being pretty much winded ALL day, even from simple conversation, and call my doctor.

She says, via my nurse, that it's gas, that the baby is pushing all of my organs up and thus the gas pressure is up. She tells me to take Gas X and literally call her in the morning.

Desperate for some relief and something to take the weight off my dia-whatever, I call a friend from work and we head for the local natatorium to swim for a while, which did help quite a bit. It was much much more comfortable afterwards.

But I have a feeling that this is a sign of things to come. Walking across the house today to let the dogs out winded me. I already told my office, and I think they are going to start easing up on the field work...at least, I hope so.


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