Sunday, July 24, 2005

The satisfaction of destruction

Nothing is quite as satisfying as destroying something that you decided while calm to destroy.

That was me while removing the gold metallic tile backsplash in our kitchen. It is now off. It was great, even though I did nick my fingers in the process. With every piece that came off, it was like saying, "Up yours" to my contractor. He he he.

Status of to-do list that I posted this morning:

-finish painting main area trim/bifolds and touch up
**main area is done, bifolds are done, but we still need to go back through and touch up...we'll probably do that after we do the baseboards
-install outlet plates
**DONE and they look GREAT with our light fixtures!
-move furniture back into its temporary position in the living room
-move furniture out of the dining room
**DONE but we left our table for the time being so we'd have somewhere to eat
-move furniture out of the kitchen (there's not much)
-empty/move freezer into garage
**DONE except freezer is now on our back patio thawing out
-demo Pergo floors
**P did about 1/3 of the hall and 1/3 of the dining room before he pulled a muscle in his leg, so that put an end to that, at least for now
-move refrigerators into dining room for now
**DONE...the dining room is now our kitchen
-move washer and dryer into garage for now
**they are sitting in the kitchen and will go back in the utility room tomorrow night
-remove baseboards in kitchen and utility room
**DONE in the kitchen; we decided to leave the existing ones in the utility room because, well, it is JUST a utility room!
-paint kitchen and utility room
**Utility room is done and looks fantastic...we're going to do the kitchen tomorrow night
-put blinds and drapes up in living room
**Blinds on 2 of 3 windows are up, but no drapes yet

I know now why it only took us about two minutes to pick our paint color at Lowe''s because it is EXACTLY the color that we both envisioned in our head. We seriously couldn't have picked a better color. It is just LOVELY.

I'm really proud of the progress that we made today. Really. I would have been happier if we had gotten the kitchen painted as well, but I guess there's no rush. As soon as the kitchen is done, there is nothing else for us to do but wait. I'm hoping I can talk P into installing the dining room chandelier tomorrow night but we'll see. We're both pretty tired from the weekend right now.

No word from the contractor, but I just sent him a fax a few minutes ago reminding him to call my personal cell instead of my work cell since I have it turned off for the next few days...I can just see him using that as an excuse for why they didn't come do the work. The flooring people are going to call tomorrow about bringing the laminate flooring. Other than that, I plan on spending the day shopping with my dad and stepmother on their last day of their visit.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Oh, as an aside, if anyone is interested in taking over the Sunday Brunch for me, please let me know. I'm just running out of ideas, quite frankly, and pretty soon I won't have time anyway. I'm kind of there now, really. Email me if you are interested.


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