Wednesday, July 20, 2005

And the battle continues...

I am determined to illustrate to the powers that be at my office that this job can NOT be done in 38.75 hours a week, whatever they might tell themselves.

I can tell my supervisor is just hanging on by a thread and probably complaining to all the fellow supervisors at his office about the excellent performer, albeit very very high-maintenance, on his team that is torturing him at the moment. He can't say he wasn't warned...I told him the day I found out he was going to be my new boss that I was high-maintenance.

Yesterday I worked for twelve hours, peppering him with authority requests for approvals. Today was ten hours of the same. It's probably good that we only have three people on our team, because I have a feeling that with the amount of work I'm giving him, I qualify as three people all on my own.

And now? Well, counting my personal day on Friday, I am now at 38 hours for the week with a full day to go tomorrow. I can work one hour of overtime without prior approval. And I have a meeting at 10 am that will last for two hours. See where this is going? They will have to give me some overtime tomorrow or else my vacation is starting a day early! Personally, I'm kind of hoping my boss calls in the morning and tells me to stay home from the meeting, but that's just me. And I doubt it will happen. The only thing I care about is that I'm here by 1 pm to let the contractors in to tear up the kitchen.

Right now I am sitting here, digesting my Wendy's I just had for dinner since we have NOTHING to eat in this house whatsoever (and there's no point in going grocery shopping since we have nowhere to put the food) and getting ready to pack up my kitchen. I'm not looking forward to it. Even though I decluttered it a month ago, that WAS a month ago and I'm sure I've accumulated lots of crap since then.

Anywho, I guess I better get to it.

As for the painting, it is almost done with a section of ceiling over our living room and coat #2 to go on ALL of our trim and doorways. Painting trim takes a long time!


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