Friday, July 08, 2005


I have never been so glad to see the end of a week come as I was today, although today was a horrible day at work. I got a fire today (my third of the week) and it sparked a huge argument with my boss. At least I did get overtime approved....eight hours worth...but I'm not looking forward to working this weekend at all. I wanted to spend the whole weekend working on the house, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen, at least, not for the whole weekend. But we'll see how it goes. If I work a little here and there in the mornings, it'll be all right.

I spent all night tonight getting my office all settled again, and it looks GREAT. I needed to touch up the baseboards, and P had the brilliant idea of using a spatula to hold back the carpet. Oh, what a GENIUS I married...that was a great idea and I can't wait to use that idea when I touch up the baseboards in the master closet. The office is neat, clean, organized, all my lighthouse decor is hanging on the wall, and it's just gorgeous in here. Of course, P is strutting around thinking he's the color master since he picked this Thundering Clouds color...ha! (I still think my turquoise would have looked JUST as good!) I have all my closet contents sitting on the floor though since the closet hardware is not installed yet, and we want to buy some new blinds tomorrow for the window and then put our drapes back up, but we're close...very close indeed and I couldn't be happier. I hope to have a picture posted by the end of the weekend.

My punch list for this room is pretty short and sweet...we need new carpet in this room like crazy. There are such distinct wear patterns from walking, my office chair, the dogs,'s crazy.

P has been working yet again on the master closet, and he's SO close...he ran out of drywall toggles (again) tonight so we have to run out and get some more of those, but the end is in sight for sure, and I can't wait to start putting my stuff away. First though, I have to paint and correct all the mistakes that P made when he was putting up the hardware, so the second he is finished, I'm going to get in there with paint and the vaccuum and clean up the room. Hopefully I'll be all set to start moving stuff back in on Sunday.

I'm not sure what else P is going to accomplish this weekend, but his short list includes the crown molding in the master bedroom (we bought some corner plinth blocks at Lowe's the other night, so it should make it much easier) which I will have to go back and paint, installing the headboard onto our bed frame, installing my closet shelving in the office closet, putting up the rest of the bathtub trim in our hall bath, and, if we get that far, pulling off the baseboard and shoe throughout the main areas. We'll see how that goes...I'm thinking that I'm probably just going to get things ready to paint the main area next weekend instead. This weekend I have the rest of the rooms to finish, my overtime, and I'd like to paint and clean up my cross stitch closet if I can. I have some really creative ideas for my cross stitch closet since P said I could paint it any way I wanted as long as I used the existing paint colors that we have, but I'm going to sleep on it tonight and see how it goes. We did pick our main paint color for the main's a white with a slight seafoam green tint to it called Cool we may just go and buy that stuff tomorrow so I can get started on the hallway if I feel productive.

So much to do, so little time! But the house is slowly and surely coming together.

Great weekend wishes to all!


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