Saturday, July 02, 2005

Yay for a three-day weekend!

P and I could NOT need this weekend more. Our house is finally back to normal...somewhat. It's still kind of a remodeling wreck, but after the air conditioner was fixed, we straightened up a bunch of stuff, finished the bedroom and got the furniture all moved back, and now at least we can walk around like normal people without tripping all over stuff. It's a good feeling.

And why I am up at 7 am on a SATURDAY I'll never know, but I have to believe that it's excitement over all the stuff we're going to accomplish this weekend. You'll have to forgive the following post...this blog is starting to become an outlet for me to put down on paper (okay, on screen) our plans for the house and kind of give me a frame to figure out what I can get accomplished and in what time period. It works for me, so if you're bored with reading about the house project, change blogs.

If all goes according to plan and we are as productive as I think this weekend, by the end of the day on Monday I'll have THREE finished room pictures to post in my blog to share...maybe four if P gets the same rush of energy that I have!

Hall Bathroom: This room is still the big tamale and there is lots to do in it, but the big stuff is over...namely the painting of the tile which was the hardest part. P's first project today is to clean the slab from the vinyl residue, apply the new tile, install baseboards, the shower rod and exhaust fan, and reset the vanity and toilet. After that, I'll take the room back over and clean up the toilet and vanity, declutter the medicine cabinet, and then set all of our new decorations up that we bought last night at Wal-Mart plus a toilet topper organizer shelving system we bought a few months ago at Target. I'm SO excited to do that and see what the finished look is. All of the decorations we bought are sage green with blue and mauve highlights and I just think it's going to look fantastic!

Master Bedroom: The painting of this room is DONE and I am SO glad that I did it. It's amazing how much cleaner and brighter a fresh coat of paint, even the same color, makes the room look. And it smells good too. We need some long screws to screw our headboard to our bed frame instead of just leaning it against the wall as we have done for the last eight years, we're going to buy new blinds today since the cats have broken ours, and then there is the crown molding to install (which I have to paint this morning), the drapery hardware to put back up, the drapes to hang, and all of the wall decorations to hang up, but all in all, the room is pretty much done and it looks great. We even bought a new clock at Wal-Mart last night.

Master Closet: Also done but we need our shelving system really badly so we can put our clothes away. We're going to hit Lowe's at some point this weekend to get the stuff we need and P will install it. I also need to touch up the baseboards, but I'm not sweating that since it is, after all, a closet.

Master Bathroom: Right now, this room is in a state of distress and I doubt that it's going to be done this weekend because of the state it's in. It's kind of been my dumping ground all week while I worked on the master bedroom, and it's a mess. There is clutter everywhere, I got paint on the walls and floor, and there is a strange and mysterious smell that seems to have developed somewhere in the room that I can't quite figure out. We have almost an entire gallon of paint left over from when we painted that room three years ago, and after seeing how much a fresh coat improved the master bedroom AND how fast I was able to paint the hall bathroom, I've decided to go ahead and slap a fresh coat on the walls in there too. I need to repaint the baseboards and paint the door trim anyway with the semi-gloss blue-white that we bought and never really used much of anyway, and the more I look at the walls, the more I see a few years of grime and dirt and gouges that would be greatly improved by a fresh coat. But, since I'm painting it the same color, I'm not going to sweat the little areas and have P disconnect the vanity and toilet...I'm just going to mask and tape them off and paint around them. But before I even GET THERE, that room needs to be decluttered in a BIG WAY. We have years and years of toiletries and lotions that we never use that we just need to make the decision to get rid of and then DO IT. We also have a stainless steel toilet topper that needs to be cleared off badly...once we do that, I think we'll have a lot more room for more important things. I need to wash our hand towels, rugs, and shower curtains, and our shower is just downright SCARY. I think that's where our smell is originating from. My plan is to get a scrub brush and some bleach and just really get down and scrub that base and the tile well. It's a science project in the making for sure. I'm hoping really badly that once I get all of the above accomplished, P will be inspired to paint the ceramic tile in there as well since we already have the kit to do it, but I'm not pressing my luck, so that's why I think this room will not be finished this weekend. But we'll see. We also have new switch and outlet covers to install.

The next project on the horizon is going to be the room in which I sit, being my office, which as far as states of distress go rivals my master bathroom. Everywhere I look in this room I see clutter. I was hoping that I'd be able to get to the painting part of this area this weekend, but after putting in black and white all that we have to accomplish this weekend, I kind of doubt it, but if I can at least get the room cleaned up on Monday, that'll be a start. I toyed with the idea of painting it yellow last night for about five minutes, but now I'm back to my original thought of a shade of blue, and I'm leaning toward some sort of blue-green color. I love the idea of a bright and cheery sunny yellow room, but I know myself all too well, and I think if I painted this room yellow, I'd just want to repaint it in a year or two, so I might as well just do the color that I know I'll stick with. I have all my lighthouse decorations sitting in a box in the corner ready to go up when the time is ready, and the only things that I would like to get at Lowe's for this room are a new set of blinds and straight wire shelves for the closet, and then a new white scarf for the drapes on the window. That's it. And of course, the paint. Home Depot is apparently having a Fourth of July sale on Behr paint for like $5 off per gallon, so I may just buy my paint this weekend if the lines aren't too long. I anticipate being able to paint this room sometime this week or next weekend.

Kitchen status...our cabinets are ordered and paid for. It was hard to write that check, but now we're committed, and I think our kitchen is going to look GREAT when all is said and done. I was going to post a picture from the catalog, but now I can't find the catalog that L left for us, so y'all will have to wait until the kitchen is done in a few weeks. They aren't too hard to visualize though...they are plain white hardwood with raised panel faces, and then we have our hardware already which are brushed nickel knobs. That's it. They are scheduled to be ready in 2 1/2 to 3 weeks, which puts us at about July 20, so it looks like that will be the weekend that we are painting the kitchen, which feels like EONS away, but it's really only two weekends off after this one, so it's going to come up quick. We bought a new silver and white clock for the kitchen last night at Wal-Mart, but other than that, we are holding off on any other purchases until we see what color our countertops are and what color we settle on for paint. This weekend is going to be our big purchase weekend at Lowe's...we were going to do it last weekend but had to postpone it because of the a/c guys, and then we were going to go last night but couldn't get there before closing, so this weekend IS the weekend....range, faucet, sink, microwave, garbage disposal, boom. All stainless steel. We are also going to go to the flooring store either tomorrow or Monday and pick out our sheet vinyl...and just for grins, get a bid on replacing the Pergo too. If it's reasonable we might just go ahead and do that before we start replacing the moldings. *shrug* If we're going to remodel the house, we might as well REMODEL THE HOUSE and get it over with! Our carpets are looking pretty shabby too, but I think we can hold those on for a few more years and just have them professionally cleaned when the house is done.

Main areas...still ready to go, still needing paint desperately, but I'm going to wait until we are finished with the office at the VERY LEAST before starting the main area so it's done when I paint the trims on the hall doors. P also needs to do some minor drywall repairs to the ceiling joints (thanks, foundation, for that one) and remove all of the baseboards and shoe before I can do that. Maybe the weekend of the 15th-16th, but we'll see.

Not much else really to report. I had a team lunch meeting yesterday and I suppose that this is what I have to look forward to now that I am on an all-male team...they chose an all you can eat Chinese buffet for lunch. I was thinking a salad from Chili's. BLAH. I felt like crap ALL DAY from that lunch. But they are nice guys and I'll stick with them for the time being. Still counting the days until I can apply for large loss though. Work overall is fine. K still denies my overtime every week, but I guess with as much stuff as we are doing to the house, that's a good thing.

Still have no itch to stitch right now, but since I can see an end in sight with the house as far as the things that I personally can do, I think I'll be getting back to Noah's Sub in a few weeks, maybe even sooner. I really thought about stitching on it for a little while last night but I was so tired and felt so icky and bloated that I just sat like a bump on a log and watched Six Feet Under.

Well, I'm off to walk the dogs and be productive...first thing will be to paint that crown molding sitting in the garage. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL July 4th weekend and stay safe...and think lots of good thoughts for me that no one in the Dallas area sets fire to their house with fireworks or their barbeque grill. Or that if they do, they burn it to the ground so it'll go to large loss. Okay, that's just terrible of me! For shame! For shame! *running away laughing evilly*


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