Sunday, June 26, 2005

Progress Report

This weekend is FLYING by. I can't believe it. But we've been busy.

Friday afternoon after I finished working early since my overtime was NOT approved, I dug out the old paint can from when we painted the master bedroom in 2003 and took it to Lowe's to be matched. I bought another gallon of flat and a quart of semi-gloss. The name is Alice Blue but it's kind of like a grayish-blue juniper color. It's wonderful and we love it enough to keep our bedroom that color. Yesterday I totally emptied our master bedroom closet, took down all the closet shelving and hardware, spackled the holes, and repainted the room, including semi-gloss on the baseboards, door and opening trims. It looks fantastic. The project is now spreading to the master bedroom. Friday night we bought 64 feet of crown molding to paint and put up in our master bedroom to hide our settlement cracks, but I think first I'm going to slap another coat of paint on the walls to freshen it up (we have a lot of gouges and marks) and then paint the baseboards, other doors and trims, and window stool with semi-gloss. So today (if my legs will cooperate) will be another day of moving stuff around and painting. But we'll see. My feet and legs really hurt after yesterday, so I'm leaning toward taking it easy today and just shopping.

P was not as productive as I was yesterday, I hate to say it. He worked on the dresser for a while and got more of the stripping and sanding done, but not nearly as productive as I was. We are still having air conditioning problems (LONG story and I don't feel like going into it right now) and he spent a good part of the day inside monitoring the dogs. The a/c guys were here for many hours yesterday working on our system. Why he couldn't have done some other things while that was going on, I don't know, but I'm trying to keep quiet and just do my own things. Friday night he did clean and prepare the ceramic tile for painting, so that first coat will be put on today, and we also bought a new exhaust fan with a light for the hall bathroom, so that'll be put on sometime this week.

It's going to be another busy Sunday. The only scheduled thing we have going on at the moment is a tentative appointment for late afternoon with this flooring store in Dallas that is going to lay our sheet vinyl in our kitchen and utility room after the remodeling and painting is done. The guys came last week to measure, so all we have to do now is go and pick out what we want. I'm excited about that. They have already told us they have TONS of flooring types in gray and white (our kitchen colors) so this will be relatively fun. The other thing we would like to get accomplished is yet another trip to Lowe's for the major shopping trip...closet shelving for the master closet, a new range, a sink, a faucet, and an over-range microwave oven. Even though we're obviously not ready to install any of that stuff just yet, I want to be prepared in case Lowe's pulls the same crap with us that they did last time and takes over a week to deliver things. We're planning on just storing all of that stuff in the garage for the time being until our kitchen is done and then our contractor is going to install it all for us. So it should be a fun time...except, of course, the spending money part.

So I guess I better get to it!


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