Saturday, June 18, 2005

Three days to go...definitely a kid in there!

Here's my eighteen week belly shot.

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As you can see, I'm carrying high, like a watermelon, and my baby's blood pressure has ranged from 150-160 over the last three check-ups.

Then why have I and P had dreams over the last week that we are having a boy???

My doctor says all that stuff about the way you carry, heartbeat, etcetera, is all hooey and I have a 50/50 chance of having a boy OR a girl, so I guess it's useless being curious all weekend, but I'm DYING DYING DYING to know what I'm having.

Three more days. Tuesday morning at 9 am CST.

A few pregnant revelations this week...

1) Wal-Mart has THE crappiest maternity clothes selection I have ever seen.
2) It's getting harder and harder to tie my sneakers.
3) The worst gas in the world can make you waddle, not be able to get up off the couch, and feel like you are having a miscarriage and generally like you are dying a slow death.
4) People chalking up your irritated reactions towards them being an asshole as "oh, she's just pregnant" can really stick in your craw, hence what happened when I was woken up by a man with a falling ceiling at 6:15 am yesterday morning who wanted me to come to his house AT THAT MINUTE to look at his damage.
5) Trying to exist as a woman carrying another human being in a house when the air conditioning system that you JUST REPLACED is not working correctly and the temperatures outside are approaching triple digits can really make you crabby and give you visions of ripping the air conditioning repairman's bowels out with a fork because he's just so darn unhelpful.

Twenty-two weeks, give or take, to go.


Anonymous Hula said...

Awwww - Sorry you are having those issues Erica. My best friend & I went through pregnancy (her-26) and surgically enhanced menopause (me - 31) together last summer. It was a nightmare for both of us, and so much was the same (hot flashes, crabby, aches and pains, people thinking we are nutty, hormone central, etc). Except now I am still in menopause and she has sweet little baby-girl, Maddie. LOL Here's to getting your AC fixed pronto. I'm thinking about it for me this summer. CUTE BELLY PIC!!!

6:38 PM  
Blogger Sher said...

I think it's a girl. I carried VERY low and had my DS 18 years ago. You seem to be carrying high. So my vote is a girl!!!

9:34 AM  

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