Sunday, May 08, 2005

The skirt: the best thing ever invented!

Here's a riddle for you. What is the fastest way a husband can bring a smile to his pregnant wife's face who is struggling desperately with ALL maternity shorts?

One word. SKIRT.

Today was the BEST day I have had during this pregnancy with the exception of finding out I WAS pregnant, the ultrasound, and the day I heard the heartbeat. P took me maternity clothes shopping and I had the BEST time. I'd been a few times before and had always walked out in disgust...and of course, there was the icky visit to Kohl's.

My suspicion that Kohl's maternity department sucks was confirmed. It sucks a$$. I went to Sears, JC Penney and Target, and they were SO much better.

The awesome thing about Target is that there is none of this S/M/L/XL mess...if you were a 12 or 14 or 16 before your pregnancy, that's what the clothes are labeled. I was a 14, but since I put some weight on during the first pregnancy, I played it safe and went for the 16, which is a XL in any other store but Target. It was SO great. Everything was quite big and loose, but I'd rather have things be loose rather than tight and constricting. I don't do well with discomfort!

This is what I bought. I had recently gotten a bonus at work, it was my birthday yesterday, and I really need clothes considering I was down to one pair of jeans and just about out of my only pair of shorts, so I went a little nuts.

-four pairs of casual pants for work (two black, one stone, one khaki)
-one pair of jeans
-two pairs of shorts (black and tan)
-three pairs of capri pants (black, tan and white)
-five knee-length skirts (basic black, black with white polka dots, turquoise/yellow/lime plaid, white with turquoise/green flowers, and tan with pink/fuschia flowers)
-two bras
-new sunglasses (since mine broke in the car today)

Anyone who has met me will tell you that I am NOT a skirt person. At all. But after I've had such major difficulty with maternity shorts, my husband suggested I give skirts a try. (What a man I have!) I had the same problem when I was body quads are much bigger than the normal woman in relation to my waist size, and as such, the legs in shorts are constantly too tight. And when I put on these skirts...well, let's just say it was the first time I had really felt pretty and feminine in a while. It was a great feeling.

Anyway, it was just a wonderful day. Once I determined and accepted what size I was, and really let go and let myself enjoy it, it was fine. Fun, even. And I was really impressed with the selections that Sears, JC Penney and Target had. Very nice stuff. I didn't buy any shirts this time since I really don't need any just yet and I'm carrying low, but I'm sure I'll be getting some of those as time goes along. P was just fantastic during the entire day. SO incredibly patient, didn't look irritated when I modeled everything that I tried on, and didn't say anything about the money I spent. He said that considering how down I've been the last few weeks over the clothes issue, it was money well-spent, and I'm planning on saving all this stuff for Round #2 when we are pregnant again, so it's an investment really. But the BEST thing he did all day was to suggest that I try skirts. What a guy.

When I am in New Hampshire, my stepmother is planning on taking me to an outlet store to go shopping, and now that I know my size, now that I have the basics on hand, and now that I have accepted the whole "yes, I'm getting bigger" concept, I can really have fun and buy some fun clothes, like tops and maybe a sundress. These clothes were SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE. If I had known what a difference this was going to make, I would have gone shopping two weeks ago!

At any rate, I'm a happy girl tonight. I have new clothes, I'm in a good mood, and I even made myself go walk on my treadmill tonight for 25 minutes AFTER spending all afternoon walking and shopping and walking the dogs this morning. I'm ready for some stitching.

We did not get to the dresser, sadly. Blah. I'm hoping I can talk P into at least stripping it tonight, but I'm not pushing my luck considering how great he was this afternoon with the shopping spree. Oh, well. We have lots of time.

My advice to any newly pregnant women out there...when you start feeling uncomfortable, GO GET NEW CLOTHES! Do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Just go shopping and pronto. The difference it will make in your mental status is well worth it.

And a special thank you to Erin for the suggestion to try JC were right, girl-their maternity section rocks!


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