Sunday, April 17, 2005

Look what the cat dragged in...

...and that's ME.

I am not feeling any better. I have now had this icky cold for going on five days now, and I woke up this morning feeling like something a truck ran over. Fortunately, my doctor gave me permission on Friday to take Tylenol Cold, which I am faithfully taking while I wait for this icky cold to run its course, but it sucks in the meantime. I'm either sniffling or coughing every five seconds. It's SO gross. And energy? What energy? I went and got my hair cut yesterday, and the guy that cuts my hair was like, "Man, you're unusually quiet today." Duh...I'm ready to fall asleep under your hands, dude!

Then I went home, tried unsuccessfully for about two hours to nap, and couldn't due to the Tylenol Day formula I had taken that morning. So I just laid on my bed and watched tv. That's productive.

I don't foresee today being much more productive as I am still feeling very much under the weather, but I'm sure I can at least get some laundry done and get the kitchen picked up. I plan on mostly just lying on the couch resting and stitching of course. Noah's Sub is still going great, and I'm not sick of it yet (knock on wood) but I think it's because I'm breaking it down into small sections, not staying in one place the whole time, and taking breaks to work on other things when I get sick of it.

I have my next doctor's appointment tomorrow...with my actual real doctor. Not the ultrasound tech, and not a nurse. This is the point I never got to last time. Last pregnancy, I miscarried four days before this appointment. So, I guess I'm a little unsure of what to expect, and I admit I am a little nervous. I know she's going to do a full exam and everything, probably lecture me on my weight gain (I've gained about seven to eight pounds, I think), and I hope and pray, listen for the heartbeat. I really really really want another ultrasound, but I have a feeling that if I want that, I'm going to have to pay for that out of pocket. But we'll see.

I have nothing much else to report, other than we decided to wait until August to get our fence replaced. I admit the reasons are purely selfish...we have two choices, the fence or the kitchen, and we both want the kitchen remodeled MUCH MUCH MORE. Plus, storm season in Texas is upon us, and if we wait until August, that'll take care of all the windstorms and hailstorms and thunderstorms. So at some point in the next two weeks, I'm going to measure off our kitchen and write up an estimate for everything that we want done to it, and then we'll start talking with contractors and getting their estimates. I have a pretty good idea of who I want to do's this contractor I work pretty closely with and who did our tub and French door replacement last year. He's great, does good work, and gives a fair price, so I think we'll probably talk with him first before consulting with Home Depot or Lowe's.

P and I booked tickets for New Hampshire yesterday...we're going to fly and spend a good part of a week with my dad and stepmother at their condo in the New Hampshire mountains in late May. It will be the closest thing that we have had to a vacation together truly away from home (Lake Palestine was too short) since our honeymoon, so we're both really looking forward to it. I looked at the website for the place where my dad's condo is, and it looks really beautiful, so this is going to be a great trip, plus I'll get to visit my dad and stepmother and see their home in New Hampshire which I've never seen before. But check this out...this is how crazy my husband is about our dogs. He actually seriously contemplated putting us on two different flights just in case one of them goes the dogs would still have one of us to take care of them. I'm serious. He actually had it all planned out and everything for him to fly twenty minutes behind me. I told him to stop it and put us on the same flight. One thing you must understand is that this is my husband's first time flying since 9-11, whereas I have flown several times (California, Florida, North Carolina), so he's a little nervous.

That's all I've got for today. Send me some good get-well vibes and I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


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Yes, but did you have fun at the stitching thing you were going to?

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