Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I'm back from the dead....

I got so many emails over the past week asking if I was okay and if all was well since my blog was...well, nonexistent. To this day, I still have no idea what happened. I tried to view it myself and I got the same blank page that you all did. Five emails to Blogger went for the most part unanswered. I did get one snotty email telling me that all I needed to do was clear my cache and cookies, which I did with no effect.

Turns out all I needed to do was just republish the stupid thing. And voila, I'm back!

So! Here I am, and thank you to everyone who emailed me to check and make sure I was still breathing. I am still breathing, and everything is fine.

The last week has been horrifically busy. I got a major fire loss last week which should have gone to our large loss team, and then, before I could even get started on that fire, I got another major fire loss THIS week. Both fires started in bedrooms, both had major contents loss, and the loss locations are about thirty minutes apart, and both families are very nice, so I guess it beats a sharp poke in the eye with a stick. Now, if I could just get the stuff done. Tomorrow is going to be a massive paperwork day. I really have to buckle down and get serious. I plan on ignoring my phone for the majority of the day. The good thing though is that I got to take a slave, K, with me...she's a new hire, about 23 years old, and desperate for something to do to keep her busy while she waits to go to property school in May. That's where going to fires with me comes in handy. I've had her inventorying contents at both fires and writing the estimates. I love having a slave! And I only have three days left under Queenie before I start reporting to my new boss, K.

The Tulsa retreat was a lot of fun. I tackled my first needlepoint project (Spring Quilt), finished a basket (which is holding a pink rosary and a pearl rosary, one for my present seahorse and one for the angel I lost in December), put another ten hours on Noah's Submarine, which you can see at the right, and took first place in linen for Mermaid of the Pearls. Plus, I had a ton of fun with my friend T, got to sufficiently relax, and bask in all the "Oh, you're pregnant! When are you due?" cooing. It was fun. I enjoyed it. If I had just had a more comfortable chair and the room had been air conditioned, I would have been in heaven.

Not a whole lot to report from this week so far. I did finally get my new company car, a Dodge Magnum, and it is sheer bliss to drive. It is like they envisioned the perfect car for an insurance adjuster, built it, and then somehow convinced my company to lease a fleet of them for us to drive. It is so perfect. It rides smooth, it has tons of room in the car, the trunk has a undercompartment for my ladder, a compartment to hold my sunglasses, and best of all, there are THREE (count 'em, THREE!) outlets for me to plug stuff into...one in the front for a cell phone charger, one in the middle console for my converter (it has two outlets, so I can plug in my laptop and printer) so I can sit in the backseat and work in peace without dodging the steering wheel, and one in the trunk for my rechargeable flashlight. It is a nice color, the air conditioning works great, and it is just a wonderful, beautiful ride. Yesterday, I made the dumb mistake of scheduling an appointment in Denison (just south of the Oklahoma line) back to back with an appointment in Crowley, which is south of Fort Worth. Yeah. I left my house at 11:30 am, arrived home at 7 pm, and my appointments together totaled one hour and fifteen minutes. You do the math. That is a LOT of windshield time. At least I got to be sufficiently acquainted with my new friend. I'm trying really hard to keep the thing clean. I even brought a sheet today to drape over the driver's seat so I wouldn't get soot and smoke ground into the upholstery and a pair of flip flops to wear so I wouldn't muck up the floor mats. And I'm even being careful to throw all my trash away. Oh, it's wonderful! And the color? Vanilla. I love that color description! Of course, until I get my new plates I have to remember exactly where I parked every time I go to the office since there are about thirty other Magnums that look exactly like mine, but that's okay! I'll deal with it. P loves it so much, he actually wants me to inquire about buying it after the lease is up in three years. I'm not totally opposed to that idea either...it's a great family car, and if we buy it used, it's not really used because I'll be the only one that drove it and my company will have paid for all the maintenance. So we'll see. I have a long way to go before my lease is up.

The hot Mexican came this week and removed our tree. It is like it was never there, which is a great thing, and this morning the City came and hauled off the old tree. So, #1, dishwasher, #2, tree. We have two things marked off our must-do-to-house list. #3 is definitely the fence. We got another quote tonight from a second fence company, and P is outside right now with the hot Mexican negotiating the original fence estimate that he had given us, so we'll see. I think next on our list will be to get the nursery ready to paint. Right now, it is most definitely the Room of Crap.

The pregnancy is still going fine. I can't believe I'm almost nine weeks along. In some ways it feels like time is flying, and then in other ways, it feels like it's dragging. My nausea has been pretty much at a minimum the last few days. I had quite a bit Saturday night when I was in Tulsa, and of course, I'm still exhausted all the time, but overall, it's much better than I anticipated. The new symptom (other than my porn boobs which have turned into pain boobs) is just feeling very tight and thick all the time. I also started to notice I'm having acid reflux, which is oh, so pleasant. My weight seems to be staying pretty stable, although P told me tonight I'm definitely starting to look pregnant (he meant it as a compliment), and I'm guestimating I'll probably need to go get some maternity jeans at least in about a month. My fire jeans are pretty tight when I button them. I also noticed that I seem to be more emotional than usual. I watched Finding Neverland last night, and I was bawling. I never cry at movies! (much)

So, that's the current update from Moira's Little World. Glad to be back!


Blogger Erin said...

Emotionalness won't go away. In fact, it will only get worse. Just wait until after you give birth! You'll cry all the time over nothing for about a week (or more). Not depression, just hormones. As for reflux, invest in Tums. I recommend the smooth dissolve ones. My doc told me specifically no Rolaids, but yours may say different. Glad your back!

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Linda said...

The Magnum sounds cool! Good for you! DBF had to drive up to Denison for work yesterday too, but from there he went to OKC, and then home tonight.

7:15 PM  
Blogger Rani said...

Glad you are back! I haven't been pregnant in a long time and I'm still way more emotional than I was before pregnancy. It's just stuck with me. I'm used to it now though. lol

Your new car sounds so cool! :D

8:37 AM  
Blogger Suz said...

I'm glad your blog is back. When I heard you were still posting on the Rotationers BB I decided not to pester you (and my blog had been down too, so I figured it was blogger).

I am *SO* jealous of your Dodge Magnum. That is my total lust car. I really want one because I love the way they look!

Congrats on everything moving along smoothly! (for the most part :) )

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Fiona said...

I'm so glad to see that you're up and running again. I found the posts on Rotation Stitchers, so I knew you were OK. There are a great many of us who care about you out here...

1:41 PM  

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