Saturday, March 19, 2005

Queenie's gone...

She's moving on up! She called me Thursday and told me that she did get this huge promotion to be an office manager at one of our offices in San Antonio, and that April 15 is her last day with us. Her last day as my boss! As much as I have griped about her over the last two years, now that she is going I'm really filled with a sense of sadness. She and I have worked SO well together over the last two years. We really knew how to predict each other's thoughts and I have learned so much from her. I'm so happy for her, but yet at the same time, I'm so sad and wish that she weren't going.

And now, in four weeks, I'm getting a new supervisor. Sooner, if they decide to make the organizational changes that I anticipate before that. It's just going to be so hard. She knows my claims so well, and now the new person I report to is going to have to become familiar with everything I've got, everything I've done, and my working styles and habits. There is one man in our office that has EXCELLENT construction background, and I'm really hoping that they assign me to him. I can work for anyone, but I really need someone that has strong estimating skills that can help me and really knows insurance. The one guy that I am eyeing has been around claims for a long time and according to Queenie, has very strong construction knowledge. Apparently she reviewed one of my estimates with him during an audit, and he picked up several errors that I (and she) missed. That's impressive considering that Queenie doesn't miss much!

It's going to be hard. I know that I am no stranger to change, being that she is my eighth boss that I have had since I've been in claims, but I have never learned as much from anyone as I have from her. And now maybe I can learn from someone else. I guess I have no choice in the matter...I kinda have to!

Good luck, Queenie! (also known as K)

In other news, we are heading out today to buy a dishwasher. I thought this week that we had a drain line leak under our slab, so we got a plumber out who diagnosed the problem as a leaky pump. I'm so relieved. Buying a new dishwasher is MUCH cheaper than jackhammering my slab to access a pipe in the ground, and I've wanted a new dishwasher for, well, ever since we moved in. We have this old antique HotPoint dishwasher, which I am SURE is the original to the house, and it is so noisy. I can't wait to go buy a new one!

My fabric for the Kiss in blue arrived Thursday, and last night I made my working copy at Kinko's and got started. I ended up going with the Charizma after all...and I'm glad that I did. It's lovely! I only stitched for about forty-five minutes before I conked out, but so far, it looks nice and I think it's going to be great. I am SO torn about what to do with my rotation this next round. I love my fifty projects, and I don't want to put any of them on hold, but at the same time, I really really want to get my three baby projects done, being Noah's Submarine, the Precious Moments Noah's Ark and my baby afghan. So I think what I've decided to do is to continue rotating with my rotation, but work on my baby pieces as much as I can stand to do so. My MO during this last rotation is to have four pieces at one time up on Q snaps (as you've seen from my Currently I'm Stitching section of my blog) and then I just work on whatever piece I feel like of those four at that time. It has worked wonderfully...I feel like I have such variety and there is never two nights in a row that I work on the same thing. So, when I start my new rotation next weekend (or earlier, if I can stay awake), I'll just put the first three projects on snaps plus Noah's Sub, and try to work on Noah's Sub as much as possible. I'm estimating that I have about 200 hours to go on Noah's Sub, about 60-70 on my Precious Moments Ark and about 30-40 on my baby afghan. Working on Noah's Sub won't be a problem as I LOVE LOVE LOVE that piece, but the Ark and my baby afghan will be slightly more problematic being that the Ark is boring as hell and the afghan is the crappiest fabric I've ever had the displeasure to stitch on. But they must get done. I have a bunch of other baby charts in my stash, but those are just going to have to wait as I'm not willing to drop my current rotation for a year. Besides, like a newborn is even going to CARE that his mommy got her stitching done in time so his/her walls would look nicely decorated! All he/she will care about is that the milk machine doesn't break down. Ha ha!

Anyway, so that's my plan. Hopefully, I'd really like to have Noah's Sub finished by June so I can take it to my new framer in Watauga, and the Ark finished by October at the latest. We'll see how it goes.

No news yet on my beta levels, although when I went in for my second blood draw on Thursday, the nurse told me that my levels on Tuesday were 1,500, which I guess is pretty high? I guess what they like to see is the beta level double in 48 hours, so hopefully my level on Thursday was at least 3,000. I called Friday morning and they said the lab results wouldn't be in until the afternoon but since their office closes at noon, I couldn't get them until Monday morning. So, I'm going to call them when I'm on the road to my first claim.

I feel pretty good so far, except for the tiredness, and no morning sickness yet for the most part other than a icky feeling for about fifteen minutes each morning. I went out to dinner last night though and when I was getting in the car after a trip to Paciugo for Italian gelato, the butt of my jeans split! I can NOT figure out how that happened. These jeans are loose. They are stretch jeans. I just bought them about six weeks ago. Why they decided to split, I have no idea...P thinks it was just the way I sat down. I examined them up close last night and there's no way to fix them, and I don't have the receipt, so I guess I'll be going to Old Navy this weekend to pick up some new ones. And some new shirts porn boobs are making wearing all my old shirts impossible. They are WAY bigger this time than they were last time...I don't remember them feeling really big until I was about ten weeks last time, and I'm barely five weeks now. I'm probably going to have to buy some new bras too...I'm still going to try to hold off on buying any maternity clothes and bras until mid-May, but this is ridiculous! Thank god for sweats.

Ok, P's poking me to go shower so we can go get our dishwasher and some breakfast...later, gators, and happy weekend!


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