Sunday, June 05, 2005

Nursery Update

This will be short and sweet as we are preparing to get right to work on the nursery.

It's looking very good. Despite our worry and some nightmares, the wallpaper did NOT fall off the wall and still looks very good. The baseboard is painted and up. I spent all day yesterday painting a second coat on the "ocean" half since the first coat did not cover the Little Mermaid green very well. I don't understand why the lighter color covered it but not the darker color, but whatever, it's covered again and looks great. Today I have to finish touching up the wave line and fixing all the uneven blobs and mistakes, touch up the baseboards, and paint the window sill and door casings. P is going to install our wire closet shelving package that we bought, which is not going to be as easy as we thought it would be, that's for sure. Hopefully I can get him to install the bifold doors so I can get those painted as well, but we'll see. The Finding Nemo fan is also up. He was just going to put the blades up, but decided at the last minute just to hang the replacement fan, and then it wobbled, so he took it down and put it back up again yesterday morning.

I finally ordered the dresser hardware...twelve seahorse pulls for the six long drawers, two starfish and two shellfish for the four short drawers. They should be here sometime next week. We also went out to Home Depot last night and bought our dresser stain...Island Water! It looks very cool. I doubt I'll be able to get P to start the dresser today, so that's probably going to be a project for next weekend. At any rate, things are moving along well.

In other house-related projects, we have our contractor coming on Tuesday to discuss plans for THE project, being our kitchen. When we visited Home Depot last night, we selected possible countertop colors and cabinet styles, sinks, faucets, range hoods, etcetera. Not sure how this is going to work yet, but that's why we are going to discuss it with our contractor, L. P also wants to talk to him about spraying more insulation in the attic above our bedroom, and I want to discuss him painting the outside of our house!

Our next painting project after the nursery is done is going to be our hall bathroom, which has been a serious work in progress ever since we discovered that we had a slab leak in there in the fall of 2001. Since then, the leak has been repaired, the floor replaced, the tub replaced, the vanity replaced, we've cut out drywall that had mold on it, and we're still not done. We're thinking that we will rip off the rest of the baseboards, sand the texture, replace the baseboards, and paint, and probably replace the bath curtain and bath mats with new stuff since we've had that stuff since our last apartment. We looked at some paint colors last night, and I think we're thinking about going with a pale sage. After that, hopefully the kitchen and utility room will be close to done, so we can paint those rooms, and then, the big project, the living/dining/hall areas, which is going to take several weekends since there is SO MUCH wall space due to our vaulted ceilings. We also want to buy new closet shelving packages for our closet and for the office closet, and really get the garage cleaned out once and for all. I'm finding that I'm slightly more motivated to get this stuff done now that there is a deadline in sight, but I can't wait until the nesting feelings kick in and I really feel the urge to get organized. Right now, I just want to organizing inspiration anywhere.

So that's all from here. Noah's Submarine is looking fantabulous as you can see from my latest picture. My current plan of action is to get that whole lower section of the ocean DONE and then I'll move back over to the left side of the piece again. I even have all the sections marked off on my chart. Work is going boss K is out in California for management school for the next two weeks, so I have some semblance of peace and quiet, not that he really micromanages me to begin with. The pregnancy is going fine...just getting hungrier and more tired as time goes on.

Later gators!


Blogger Shannon said...

It sounds like you are making great progress. I can't wait to see the finished pictures. There is nothing like a deadline to keep you motivated and focused, right? :-)

6:26 AM  
Anonymous Stasha said...

I like the Nautical theme...says the woman with the fishbowl bathroom.

12:52 AM  

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