Sunday, June 19, 2005

State of the House

In all my pregnant crabbiness this morning, I forgot to post a quick update on where we are with the house.

The nursery is thisclose to being done. The last obstacle to finishing it is the stupid bifold doors. I never would have guessed how tricky those things are to painting. Since they are folding and since they are flush with the carpet, they pretty much have to be painted one side at a time in place and then allowed to completely dry before attempting the next side or next coat. So far, I have done two coats on the front and that's it. I still need to do the back, and the door handles need to be put up. We did buy a scarf sheer at Wal-Mart last night which has made the curtains we had up there look much much nicer (and cuts the light a bit more), the outlet covers are finally all completely up, the baseboards are completely finished, and we're still debating whether or not we're going to put up the half-moon sunshade in the top of the arch. With the scarf, I'm not sure we need it. I also bought some ceiling hooks last night at Walley World...expressly for the purpose of hanging my new prism from the ceiling in front of the window to cast rainbows over the room. It's close. Not sure if we are ready for pictures yet since the room is a mess, but it's very close. I need to finish the painting, clean up the tools and mess, vaccuum and we'll be ready for photos.

The decluttering is still going on. I have pretty much been working in the kitchen ALL WEEK LONG. Granted, the kitchen is the worst area of the house (just about) but it's also the absolute dirtiest. Now, it doesn't even look like my kitchen. That doesn't mean I don't want to remodel it still, because I DO, but it's definitely an improvement. The only areas left to declutter are the pantry, the cleaning chemicals under the sink, the cabinets where I keep my baking pans and cookie sheets, and the five drawers that have been a dumping ground since the day we moved in here. Everything else is clean, and our counters are clear. I managed to get rid of enough stuff (appliances, pots, pans, etcetera) under the cabinets to make room for my KitchenAid mixer and lots of other things that were previously on the cabinets. We also have decided to get rid of our baker's rack (garage sale) and our deep freezer (gift to the contractor for cutting his overhead and profit on our remodeling job), which means I need to completely empty out the freezer, move it to the garage, and thaw it out soon. Areas left to declutter...utility room, bathrooms, bedroom, linen closet, and office. Our pile for a garage sale is

The kitchen...well, it's slow going. We got the bid in from our contractor and like I said, he is cutting his overhead and profit quite a bit to help us out, and we're going to buy a lot of the materials ourselves which will cut down, but the trade off is that we have to be very patient. He's coming over Monday night so we can pick out the cabinets that we want so he can order them, and then depending on when the cabinets are anticipated to come in, we'll schedule a day for demolition of the cabinets and countertops and a day for installation of the cabinets, counters, sink, faucet, microwave/range hood, and new range. Since we are also going to paint the kitchen (ourselves, despite his offer....I'd rather invest that $250 we'd pay him to paint it in my range!), he's going to allow us a few days (hopefully a weekend!) to get the kitchen painted before installation. It's going to be a busy next few weeks. But my preference is that the decluttering be DONE so when we schedule the demo, it'll take P and I just a few hours to get our things moved to the dining room. The guys that are going to lay our sheet vinyl flooring are coming to measure on Monday afternoon.

Garage...still decluttering in progress, mostly because of P. His tools are EVERYWHERE. But he assured me that he does have a method to his madness and that I should just let him do his thing. Whatever. I'm just happy that there is room out there now for me to put stuff. Today I filled up the rest of a large box with garage sale stuff and one large yard paper bag.

The dresser...coming along. P pretty much worked on it all day today and got the entire front and top sanded down. He removed the old hardware from the drawers and is now working on sanding the sides. We went to Lowe's today and bought a Dremel so he can get in the corners and crevices, and he's anticipating about another 2-3 hours of sanding before it's ready to start staining. Our plan (when the sanding is done) is that I will stain the drawers and he will do the dresser itself. It's a very beautiful wood's amazing and I can't wait to see what it looks like with the Island Water stain on it.

And finally, our next project. We decided over lunch today that we're going to go ahead and tackle the hall bathroom. We went to Lowe's and bought a gallon of Ancient Olive (very pale sage green) flat for the walls and a quart of semi-gloss for the moldings. We bought two lengths of baseboard and a sheet of drywall to do the repairs. We haven't quite figured out yet how we are going to make the texturing blend into the existing, but we'll either figure it out or ask the drywaller on our kitchen job to do it for us. We even looked at Wal-Mart for new bathroom decor. Anyway, not sure when we'll start that, but it is ready to get going when we are.

Tomorrow, I'm going to a Father's Day luncheon for my father in law...I made a cheesecake with strawberry sauce at P's request, hence why I am up so late. Cheesecakes aren't that hard to make, but the cooling process is lengthy, and I'm waiting for the time to elapse so I can remove the sides of the springform pan and then put the thing in the refrigerator. The sauce, thankfully, is already made and in the fridge. What I'm hoping is that we can make a VERY brief appearance and then come home to get stuff done. On top of having a lot of projects going on at home at the moment, I have a busy as hell day on Monday and I'm really behind on my laundry.

Oh, well, the beauty of all this business is that it is making the time until my ultrasound Tuesday pass really quickly! I took a poll on the Trying to Conceive message board I'm on, and about 2/3 of the ladies there think I'm having a boy, so we'll see!


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