Monday, June 20, 2005

The next, rotting tomato!

Thank you all for the comments on my nursery. I got tons of compliments at work too. It's been a great day...although I'm DYING of anticipation for the ultrasound tomorrow. I can't believe tonight is the last night I will go to sleep without knowing if I am having a son or a daughter. How on EARTH do people wait to be surprised and what did this world DO without ultrasounds? Couple that with my contractor's visit with lots and lots of cabinet catalogs and I was utterly useless today at work. Utterly.

P, on the other hand, called me from work to get measurements for our master closet so he can check out closet organizing systems and then informed me that he plans on replacing the vinyl tile on our bathroom floor. By the time I closed up shop in my office, he had already unpacked the vanity, disconnected it, and started drawing marks for where we were going to replace the drywall.

The next onion has been chosen. Or should I say rotting tomato?

I say that very affectionately because our poor hall bathroom has been through A LOT. It is the very center of our house and it has just sustained a whipping since we moved in here. Let's step back.

-October 2001: We realized we had a slab leak under the bathtub.
-November 2001: We had the tiles next to the tub broken out, a hole jackhammered in the slab, and a tunnel dug to repair a drain line under the tub, a process during which our plumber informed us that our tub was rotting.
-Early 2002: We replaced the vanity cabinet and discovered a very colorful patch of mold behind the vanity, which had to be cut out and replaced with new drywall. One wall of baseboard was removed. New toilet installed.
-Sometime later in 2002: We had the tub replaced with a new tub, a process during which our tile surround was broken. Stud wall exposed temporarily...or so we thought.
-Fast-forward to 2004: We had the tub that we replaced yanked out and replaced with a new garden tub, a wall drywalled and tiled in front of the garden tub, and the broken tile surround fixed with new tile, a process during which the drywall behind the toilet rotted out and crumbled since P and E refused to accept that their tub shouldn't be used and kept on using it anyway. Wall of baseboard behind tile gone.

And that pretty much brings us up to date. Like I said, this poor bathroom has sustained a whipping. I don't even KNOW where my before pictures are of this poor thing. Just imagine the nastiest bathroom you've ever seen in a rental house with 1970s style cabinetry and the gold-swirled marble top and that was our bathroom. Oh, yeah, did I mention that there is also evidence of long-ago termite damage? I love living in Texas.

So this is what has been done so far:

-last wall of baseboard removed
-toilet pulled
-old rotted drywall cut out
-wall cavity vaccuumed out

As I type, P is taping and bedding a new 2x2 piece of drywall in place for behind our toilet. Tomorrow, we will attempt to texture it and the drywall that he replaced in early 2002. Then, this is what we have to accomplish to turn the rotting tomato into a cherry tomato:

-paint entire room in Ancient Olive
-remove/replace vinyl tile (his decision, not mine)

-reinstall vanity cabinet
-paint/cut/install baseboards
-paint door molding and inside of door
-replace heat lamp with an exhaust fan
-paint ceramic tile surround (I found the coolest kit to paint ceramic tile online!)
-replace shower rod
-clean up
-buy new decorations for bathroom (I found some awesome stuff at Wal-Mart!)

Compared to the nursery, this should be a piece of cake! Right?

P just yelled for me to come look at the drywall, so it's done and must set for a few days, and then the transformation of the tomato will resume.

I guess I'll go clean out the freezer. That's a good activity when you are trying to make the time pass, right?


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