Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sugar and Spice and All That's Nice

As promised, I went shopping last night at Target for my very first official GIRL outfit! And we bought two. I wasn't so lucky as to find something lacy and frilly like I had hoped...everything right now is summer stuff. But that's okay...this stuff is still pretty cute!

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We also cruised down the stroller aisle and checked them out as well as the play pack things...I saw an aquarium play yard that I want pretty bad. There is also so many pink things...receiving blankets, onesies, socks, bibs, everything!!! So cute. But I resisted...I know Target is going to be one of the places on my registry, and I MUST BE GOOD, especially now that I have an official date for my shower! October 1 will be the day.

Not much else happening at the moment. I worked a full twelve-hour day today to compensate for my playing around yesterday, so tomorrow I should be able to sleep in a bit and knock off early so I can get some stuff done around the house. Not that today was unproductive...after I stopped working and rested for a bit, I decluttered the five "dump" drawers in my kitchen (come on, we've all got at least one, I just happen to have five), straightened up the bottom area of my pantry, and decluttered my utility room completely. Work was fairly unproductive...I worked on a total of three files in almost twelve hours. Granted, they were pretty big issues that I resolved, but it still wasn't my most productive day. I hope tomorrow will be better. The great thing though about work right now is that my new boss, K, is being SO NICE. I guess he must have learned a thing or two at his management school out in California, because the two times I talked to him today, he was very pleasant and courteous. I think it probably didn't hurt either that both of the files that were audited in our diagnostic audit yesterday got excellent scores and made him look VERY good. *wink*

My house is now half decluttered. I can't believe it. All that's left is my office, the master bedroom, master bathroom and linen closet, and then of course, the rest of the garage. And those, trust me, are the WORST areas. I'm not sure what I'm looking forward to less, my master bedroom or my office.

Come to think of it, my office. I just did my master bedroom a few months ago, so it's not that bad. My office is just downright scary.

Bathroom status...we are moving right along. P stopped at Home Depot tonight (home away from home) and bought a drywall texturing brush especially for crow's foot texture, a new toilet wax ring, and a kit to paint our ceramic tile tub surround since right now it is two different shades of white tile. He textured the drywall that he has repaired tonight, and while it's not a perfect match (he's matching texture that is 27 years old, for goodness sakes), it's pretty darn close, and I really think that once it's painted and all the fixtures put back in, no one is even going to be able to tell. It's quite a relief to know that my husband could get a job as a contractor if needs be...even though he thinks he's too slow to do it. Tomorrow he is going to remove the vinyl tile from our bathroom floor and possibly cut the baseboards...I'm going to try to get them painted so they are ready to go after we paint the walls. We're shooting for starting to paint the bathroom Friday night if I'm not too tired or Saturday....and then paint the ceramic tile maybe Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. I'd love to have the bathroom put back together by Monday morning...especially since all the bathroom stuff I want is at Wal-Mart!

I'm also happy to announce that after almost TWO WEEKS of fighting with these air conditioning people that replaced our entire system, we finally have a functioning air conditioning system and it feels SO GOOD in our house. I'll spare you the details, but I was seriously ready to kill these guys. But it seems to be over now...we hope.

Kitchen status...our contractor L came over Monday night and left cabinetry books with us. We picked out six styles of cabinetry (all white) for him to call and get information on. Our final decision will be based primarily on how long it takes to come in and how much they are, although I think we were quite economical in what we chose. We're hoping (keeping our fingers crossed) that they will start the demolition of our kitchen next week so we can paint the kitchen and utility room over July 4th weekend. I don't know...we'll see. He's supposed to get back to me tomorrow or Friday with an answer so we can make a decision. This weekend we are going appliance shopping so those are all ready, and my list of what we need for the house just keeps growing and growing and growing.

And on one final note, I seem to have developed a nasty case of sciatica. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, sciatica is where the growing weight of your uterus places pressure on your sciatic nerve and causes shooting pain in your butt and backs of your thighs. It's real pleasant. And the best part is, there is nothing anyone can do for it. I can take Tylenol, rest, and try to shift my uterus around so it is off my nerve, but that's easier said than done. I posted on my Trying to Conceive board about it today and some of the ladies said that they suffered with sciatica through their entire pregnancy, so it's possible that I might have five more months of this. UGH! At least it's not dangerous to me or the's just painful and annoying. I'm going to mention it to my doctor next visit, but I'm not optimistic that she can do anything.

I'm off to my OWN bed for a change and not on the pull-out sofa in the living room. We've been sleeping there for the last week or so while the a/c problems were being resolved, but tonight, we're good to go in our own room.

Thanks to everyone for the name suggestions and the well wishes for the she-baby in my tummy!


Blogger Sharon said...

Sciatica SUCKS big time! I remember all too well how I was walking across the office one day and almost fell down when my leg went out. I'm sorry. (((((Hugs)))))

8:26 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

Oh, sciatica. I had a moderate to serious case of that. It did eventually let up, once he got big enough that gravity pulled him forward instead of down, but that wasn't until well into month 8. And no, there really isn't anything you can do, though I assure you that sleeping on the pull-out couch isn't helping! ;) Try pillows between your knees and all that, but the thing that helped me the most was sitting on a medicine/exercise ball. If you already have one, make sure it is well inflated and use that. If not, try to find a store that has them inflated to you can test them out and see which size works best. I got much more relief with the one that was technically "too big" for me than I did with the one designed for my height. I'm sure it would have been too big for me to exercise with, but it was much more helpful to my poor hips. {{{hugs}}} Sounds like the house is coming along very very well. Does P do work in Georgia? We'd love to hire him! We'll take less expensive but slow any day. ;)

8:27 AM  
Blogger Mia said...

Erica, I missed your big news. Congrats on having a precious little girl. It will be so much fun. My DD is my best friend and I am hers (she tells me all the time LOL). I love shopping for girlie things. You are very limited with boys as I am with DS.

I had sciatica for the last half of my preg with DS. I had it the entire time with DD. It sucked big time. I found if I got up and walked around a bit, it helped. The Tylenol worked too and since I was preg in the winter/spring/early summer with DS, I used a hot water bottle sometimes. I kind of suffered through June with DS cause it was too hot for a hot water bottle and forget about DD. She was born in August and my sciatica was at its worse from May til August.

Best of luck and have fun shopping for all those girlie things!!!!

3:15 PM  
Blogger Sher said...

I didn't have sciatica during my pregnancy but developed it during labor and have had it ever since. I think when I was having Stephen something happened because as I was pushing him out I felt a burning sensation in my lower back on the left side. That is where I have all of my pain to this day. I've lived with it so long though that whenever it flairs up I use ice. Ice is the only thing that makes it feel better and stretching helps too. Try to stretch your leg muscles and lower back as much as you can. Stretching helps that stay loose back there.

Congrats on getting all your painting done. I couldn't paint when I was pregnant. Just the smell of it made me sick. LOL Sounds like you have gotten quite a bit done around your house.

6:30 AM  

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