Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Another day, another air conditioning problem...

I was SO excited this morning. I woke up to 72 degrees and shivering since it was at least four degrees cooler than I've been used to. I kept my fingers crossed ALL day when I was in the field that I'd come home to a cool house.

No such luck. The temperature was back up to 77 when I got home.

After calling the air conditioning company FIVE TIMES and finally getting the owner on the phone and threatening him with legal action, this guy apologized about a zillion times, claims that he had "no idea this was going on" which I think is total bullshit, and promised me that if we will allow them to replace the condensor unit and furnace ONE MORE TIME with new equipment, and if in 48 hours the equipment is not working properly, he will refund our money plus $100 for the trouble. Yeah, $100 does not even begin to TOUCH the trouble this company has given us. I demanded several times that he just refund our money to begin with, but he insisted that he try this first. I don't know what else to do. Bank of America won't file a dispute until it's been 30 days (it's been 22) and he won't refund our money until he tries this, so I agreed to give him one last chance. Nothing else I could do really. So they'll be here at 1 pm tomorrow for Day 23 in the air conditioning nightmare. It's been awful. After I finish typing this, I'm headed back to the living room for yet another night on our pull-out couch mattress on the floor in front of the window unit like a campfire. It's just crazy.

On a GOOD note, the master bedroom is now completely painted. Two things I have learned:

1) It is very hard to repaint a room exactly the same color.
2) It is very hard to paint a room without moving all of the furniture out of it first.

I went back to Lowe's today for two more quarts, one each of flat and semi-gloss, and it turned out to be perfect. I finished the ceiling, painted all the trims and baseboards, doors and windowsills, and it looks fantastic. Just fantastic. (Taylor helped by watching from the comfort of the drop cloths lying on my bed.) It's drying now, and my plan for tomorrow night is to touch up all the areas on the wall with flat where I slopped semi-gloss (since semi-gloss on top of flat looks oily), to carefully remove the tape from the carpet where it is under the baseboards and then touch up with semi-gloss (this also needs to be done in the closet), reinstall all of the outlet and switch covers (I bought some new brass ones to replace the rest of the ones that were old and to match the new ones I bought 2.5 years ago), rehang the curtains, vaccuum, move all of the furniture back and change the bedding so we are all ready to move back into the master bedroom IF by God's good graces the air conditioning is working tomorrow night. I'd also really like to get the crown molding painted tomorrow so it is ready for P to put it up when he is ready. He has pronounced tomorrow night THE night when he will finish the hall bathroom...he plans to replace the vinyl floor, install the exhaust fan, install the baseboard, and hook up the toilet and the vanity. We'll see how far he gets. We bought these great raised-relief flower wall hangings for the bathroom that will go great with the decor that we bought and look fabulous against the Ancient Olive, so I'm very anxious to get to Wal-Mart and pick up the new decor. Things are coming together. And of course, there's still the matter of selecting the closet shelving for the master closet so our nursery can go back to being a nursery and stop being a huge walk-in closet.

My next project, I suppose, is going to be the master bathroom, since I slopped Alice Blue all over the wall and baseboard last night when I was closing the paint can. It's a mess anyway and needs to be cleaned and decluttered and maybe repainted. P is already talking about painting that ceramic tile in there too since he bought a second kit and is just pleased as punch with himself that the hall bath tile came out so nice.

Cabinet status: I talked to L tonight and he is waiting for a final quote on the cabinetry but stated that worst case scenario is three weeks away, which means that the demo will take place in two weeks. So, it looks like no kitchen painting for us this weekend, which irritates me greatly, but there is nothing I can do about it, so I'm thinking OFFICE this weekend after I finish the master bathroom. The decluttering of the office will probably take a full day in itself. It's a TOTAL disaster area in here. If I can't get motivated to clear it out, I guess we'll start on the main area, but the sooner I clear out the office, the sooner we can have our garage sale!

And that's the status. I have a meeting tomorrow at 10 with my boss, lunch afterwards, and then back home to deal with the &^%$*@& air conditioning men.

We have a little situation brewing with Simon. I walked him this morning, and this little dog came running up to us very aggressively out of a house. Simon started pulling and wrapping the leash around my legs, and it got to the point where I either was going to have to let him go or risk a 90-lb Lab pulling me over. I let him go, and he promptly charged this other dog and bit him in the ass, sending him yelping home. I know it's kind of funny, but it's really not. Even though I know that it was in the course of defending me, what if that had been a kid? Luckily the owner came out and was not mad. In fact, she was extremely apologetic. I doubt Simon would ever bite anyone, since he loves kids and little people and is always very good with strangers, but nevertheless, it's time to get him neutered and see if that will stop some of this aggressive behavior. 8 am Thursday morning, he's going!

Well. I have a date with a living room sofa and a window unit, so until tomorrow.


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