Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The air conditioning saga is over

This morning we woke up and called the company that was supposedly coming to replace our unit to find out where the letter was that I had been promised, and I was informed that they would be coming today to pick up the equipment and that we had been refunded the money at 8:21 am.

Of course, our bank didn't have any record of the credit just yet, but I told the company that they had better fax me the receipt showing the credit or else I wouldn't let them in my house and would call the police if they laid one finger on my condensor unit.

I guess the owner decided after hearing me tear him a new one last night that they definitely were NOT going to retain us as customers and that it was probably best if we just parted ways.

DUH! I tried to tell them that two weeks ago.

But anyway, it's over. They picked up their equipment this afternoon (arrived two hours late, no surprise there) and we called a NEW company, owned by a couple that we know, and they are coming tomorrow to install a brand new 3.5 ton Lennox air handler and 3 ton condensor. They will be here at 8 am. I am SO relieved.

In the meantime, I just have to suffer the hot house for ONE MORE NIGHT.

I received a great baby gift today from Annette, and I already sent her an email, but I wanted to publicly thank her here and tell her what a beautiful job she did. The gift is a snow white baby afghan hand-knitted, and it is truly gorgeous. It was the one ray of sunshine in my day today, Annette...thank you.


Blogger Annette said...

You are most welcome! Every stitch has a little love in it, so I hope it'll be something well-used and loved by you and your little one.....

(After a good wash! I didn't have any baby soap in the house ;))

7:52 AM  

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