Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Granite Sink

P and I had kind of had it in our minds that we would move away as soon as we were financially able to, whether it be to a bigger house here or a house in a different location. We keep making updates to our house like this and I'm not going to want to move!

We went to Lowe's last night after a grueling day of hard work on the house and shopped...and found the sink of our dreams. It is a slate granite sink, made of a composite hard as rock material, and the kicker is that it is the same price as the stainless steel sink we were going to buy! We would have walked out with it right then but Lowe's only had the sink in white and champagne, and we wanted slate, darn it! So we're going to go try another Lowe's later today. We also found the range that we want, but we're still deciding on the built-in microwave, so no appliances or major purchases were made yesterday. Today, today. P just yelled at me that he found the range and the microwave we wanted at Conn's for cheaper than Lowe's had them, so it looks like we'll be going over there today at some point.

The master bathroom is done. It took me about four hours yesterday to clean and declutter it. I went to Sherwin Williams yesterday to have the paint checked from September 2002, and lo and behold, it's still good and looks the same. Those turkeys talked us into buying THREE GALLONS of paint then for this little bitty bathroom, and we only used one and a half, and this time I only used half of a gallon, so we still have an entire gallon of Honest Blue leftover. We did decide after inspecting them closely that our new baseboards from 9/02 are we yanked them off and bought a new length last night for the bathroom which I am going to paint (Honest Blue in semi-gloss instead of white) and P to install later. Other little discoveries...well, we discovered other possible sources of the funky smell, so we went to Wal-Mart yet again last night and bought new rugs, new shower liner, new shower rod, new shower rings, a new trash can, a new toilet scrubber (all matching of course) and we need a new shower caddy since ours is rusted. We also realized that our toilet topper is rusted from being so close to the shower, so we tossed that and we're going to put in the one we bought at Target for the hall bathroom a few months ago. I still need to do some touchups today and then of course, the baseboards and put everything back, but it's done and it looks great. We decided after I cleaned the shower and shower base that we're going to hold off for now on painting the shower tile. It's possible that we might have to replace the fiberglass bottom to our shower since it's so old, and if we do that, we're going to break tiles, and there's no point in painting the tiles now if we're just going to have to do it again. So that's a project for another remodeling spree. Projects for round #2 are building up in my mind on a list...things like new baseboard and door casings in the areas we aren't replacing, new door slabs, new door hardware, new medicine cabinets, new vanity lights, things like that. We obviously can't do it now without going totally broke, so it'll be for next time.

The hall bathroom is VERY close to being done. P finished the floor and the baseboards yesterday and had some trouble installing the toilet, so we stopped when he had trouble doing that and he's going to finish up today with installing the toilet, vanity and exhaust fan, and then it'll be up to me to touch up the baseboards and put all of the new decorations away and things. Everything that we have bought for the bathrooms is sitting on the dining room table just waiting for us to finish. I hope to have pictures posted in my blog of the bathrooms by the end of the day or tomorrow morning.

Master bedroom is still the same, except now the crown molding is done and waiting for P's nail gun. Master closet also the same except today hopefully we will get the closet stuff. We had a hard time deciding last night what we wanted at Lowe's.

Office is the next project gathering steam...I shopped at Sherwin Williams and Lowe's for paint colors yesterday, and I am SO leaning toward a vibrant blue-green turquoise for the walls, but P is like, "are you nuts?" so I'm not sure what color we are going to end up with. I know I will love blue green on the walls, so I'm going to stand my ground and remind him that the Ancient Olive was HIS choice and see what happens. We did buy wire shelving for the closet yesterday, so that's done, but first I need to declutter this room and paint it before we even contemplate installing it.

So that's the update. Today is going to be a busy day so I'm going to get to it! We have a lot to do!

But first I'll leave you with this little snack to chew on...I found the catalog with our cabinets in it! Here's a picture...and let me just remind everyone that this is NOT my kitchen! But we're still excited...our kitchen is going to look great once our cabinets are installed (especially with my new granite sink).

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