Saturday, August 12, 2006

The biggest baby food factory night EVER

One of my mother's biggest complaints about me, apparently, is that I don't appreciate enough the sacrifice that she made when my sister and I were kids which was to forego her long lost dreams of going to college, getting her degree and pursuing a lofty career while V and I toughed it out in daycare in exchange for a less than fulfilling life as a stay-at-home mom/housewife, Girl Scout troop leader, chaffeur, and mommy of the year. Whatever. That's for another blog.

I promise here and now NEVER EVER to throw it in McKenna's face when she's seventeen years old and throwing me the biggest attitude ever just because I want her to clean her room that I sacrificed many a Saturday night making her damn food! I am reminding myself here and now that I am making her baby food because I WANT TO, not because anyone asked me or because I feel like I have to.

Around 3 pm I packed McKenna into the car and we went to the store to load up on goodies for foodies...she loves to go grocery shopping now that she gets to ride in the front seat of the cart, and her favorite activity is seeing how fast she can wrestle away Mommy's grocery list and get it into her mouth...preferably before Mommy gets everything on the list so she can watch with fiendish delight my panic while wondering if I got everything.

We got home around 5, and the cookathon began. I just finished about fifteen minutes ago, taking a break ONLY to eat dinner. This is what I made:

-avocado chicken
-chicken with celery
-one-pot chicken (chicken, sweet potatoes, carrots, leeks)
-sweet potatoes and green beans
-squashed vegetable puree (butternut squash, broccoli and carrots)
-tomato, cauliflower and Cheddar cheese (puree)
-sweet potatoes alone, butternut squash alone, broccoli alone, green beans alone (because waste not, want not!)

Geez, now looking back on the list, is that ALL I made? It felt like more when I was doing it...

So far, chicken is NOT a hit with McKenna. I'm hoping that maybe it was just the recipe (I gave her the avocado chicken, which even P said he didn't like that much) because we sure do eat a lot of chicken around here...and I'm working towards that grandiose day where we ALL (McK, me and P) eat the same thing for dinner!

And tomorrow I have to buy a suit. A SUIT! ME! The girl that lives in jeans and T-shirts! God help me.

Thanks to everyone who posted encouraging comments last blog...things are going fine. McKenna's holding her bottle on her own, and we're working with her on the finger food. As for crawling, she's not doing it yet, but she's rolling, rolling, rolling, spinning, scooting, rolling, rolling, rolling...I'm not worried.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a wonderful assortment of food you made! I think that's so fantastic.

You're a great mom, so you're welcome for the encouragement.

Good luck on the suit shopping. I know you'll find a great one.

Susan in So Cal

11:01 AM  

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