Sunday, November 27, 2005

Scrapbooking heaven

I'm in scrapbooking heaven.

Thanks to all the after Thanksgiving sales and coupons and everything in the paper, I have done quite a bit of adding to my scrapbook stash and have lots and lots of paper, cardstock, stickers, you name it! And it's going faster and faster as I get better and better at it. I now have eleven front and back pages completed, and at the rate I'm going, I will have all my pages done by the time I go back to work and THEN can concentrate on keeping up with McKenna and all of our other future events! I'm kind of bummed in a way that I wasn't more of a shutterbug over the years, but I guess it's working out to my advantage now because I'm able to complete pages quickly.

And oh, it's SO addicting. This reminds me so much of when I really seriously got into stitching several years ago and collecting fabric, books, threads, etcetera. New hobbies are SO much fun.

So far, I've completed our Cancun pictures in 1998, pictures from our New Hampshire trip in May, a few pictures from a trip to Lake Texoma that we made in 1997 (it was a day trip, so I only had a few pictures) and now I'm working on pictures from our honeymoon to Orlando in 1999, which I have a LOT of pictures of, so it's taking some time, but it's FUN time! I love this!


Blogger Kelley said...

Erica I so know how addicting it is! I started in 99 with my daughter's baby book when she was a year old. I have since done our wedding album ( redone from original album in 95 ), my son's book, I am starting work on my 5th family album ( 2002-2003 ) and I am doing an album of DD's school stuff, which is just started since she is in Grade 2 this year.

Scrapping is so much fun. If anyone you know does whole weekends of it, take advantage when McKenna is older. I went once and got 36 12 by 12 page sides done.

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