Sunday, November 13, 2005

I can't talk yet, but I have an attitude

That's the onesie that we put on McKenna today after she pooped on my brother-in-law's lap. QUITE comical and something I'm sure she'll be hearing about for years to come.

Things are still going well, although the beginning stages of cabin fever are starting to sink in. I always knew I was never cut out to be a stay at home mom, but I didn't expect that I'd start getting restless after only a week. It's kind of sad when the biggest event of your week is your friend's son's first birthday party, which I'm going to take McKenna to on Saturday. But I'm going to try to keep busy in between naps...I have a list of things to get accomplished this week around the house and I have a CD full of pictures to print out this week and start scrapping, so it'll be busy.

But first and foremost, tomorrow is my first day on my own with McKenna. P is going back to work. I know he doesn't want to...the last week with us at home as a family has been very idyllic and it's just a shame that we have to work!

Anyway, that's all from here for now.


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