Sunday, October 30, 2005

Another happy day in pregnancy land

I woke up this morning in tears. No reason. Just very teary and emotional. It's got to be the hormones.

My feet are swelling to record sizes. I can NOT believe how puffy and swollen they are. Every time I think that they are the worst they have ever looked, the next day surpasses the day before. Walking around (or should I say, waddling around) is starting to be a new challenge.

The only productive thing I accomplished today was writing thank you notes for my shower on Thursday. Other than that, I was parked on the couch with my feet up ALL day. It still didn't help.

P and I went out to dinner tonight to celebrate our sixth anniversary, which was fun. Who knows, maybe it's our last dinner out before the baby comes. And I started to cry at dinner when I was talking about how much I miss walking the dogs. Yup, hormones are a wonderful thing.

I spent Saturday night scrapbooking with D, the crack dealer...I finished four more pages on our Cancun trip, and they look so great. I have a few more to finish and then I'm going to start on something else, probably my pregnancy scrapbook. I want to put my ultrasound pics, shower pics, nursery remodeling, cards, ribbons, belly shots, etcetera, in one place, so I can share them with McKenna when she's older. I even took a picture of my feet to show her what fun she has to look forward to, since apparently this glorious water retention thing is something that I've inherited from my mother.

And I have a plethora of other pregnancy whines to report that just are too graphic for a blog, so I'll keep them to myself. Let it suffice to say that P and I are not celebrating our anniversary with what got me into this condition to begin with and leave it at that, shall we?

McKenna...I'm ready to meet you and so is your father. Make an early appearance...please! I will let you nurse on me all you want. I have a new Boppy with a cloud slipcover and two velour covers all ready for you. I got that lilac luxe blanket that I've been wanting and it is ultra-soft and'll love being wrapped in it. I can't wait to see you, hold you, and smell your sweet skin. I only have two weeks and five days until my official due date, but I promise, you'll love our house and Katie and Simon can't wait to see you, even if they don't know it yet! (Although they know something's up...they just can't understand why Mom can't walk them anymore.)

More tomorrow. The highlight of my day tomorrow is the pregnancy massage at 4:30. We bought a ton of Halloween candy to pass out to the kids, but I've already told P he's on candy duty tomorrow night...I can not handle getting up and down off the couch all night.

Happy Halloween, everyone. I'll try not to be such a voice of gloom and doom tomorrow.


Blogger Belinda said...

{{{hug}}} No worries - the emotions come with the territory!

5:32 AM  

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