Monday, October 24, 2005

I ordered a rocker...

I should have known to check Wally World! I found a rocker for about $110 at Wal-Mart tonight after I wrote in my blog, and since the DFW area participates in site-to-store, I get free shipping. If I end up not using it, it's not a big least I didn't spend $300 on it like the one I was eyeing tonight at Target.

Then, I used a $20 gift certificate some friends at work gave me to order an inexpensive CD player for the nursery.

So, she can't come now for at least seven to ten business days until my new toys get here.

I have ONE last baby shower to go to on husband's company is giving us a shower...and I'm excited about it but can't possibly imagine what we could get that we would need except for MORE DIAPERS! It's probably a good thing that I don't have any more showers hands are so puffy, I had trouble writing thank-you notes tonight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A CD player in the nursery is a great thing. We play quiet soothing instrumental lullaby CD's at a very low volume for our son at nighttime and naptime. Even at over 2 he still wants his music playing and will ask for it if we forget to start it playing after storytime. When we travel if we put his bedtime CD in and play it in the room he will be asleep in no time. I think it also helped him from being startled awake by outside noises when he was little.

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