Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The crazy pregnant lady and the three amigos

Well, it finally happened. I yelled at someone at the office today. I knew it was coming.

Just this past weekend, I was telling some friends at dinner how lucky I was to be working for my company right now in my last month. They are giving me complete freedom with my wardrobe...I have gotten away with T-shirts, capri pants, and *gasp* flip flops. They don't say anything when I show up at 8:45 instead of the 8 they asked for. And even though my doctor hasn't technically taken me off field work, they aren't making me go out into the field right now at ALL. It's fabulous.

But this week they seem to have decided that I'm a dumping ground...a dumping ground for all the adjusters that are on hurricane duty, for the ones that have quit or have a foot out the door, and for the ones (like the one I yelled at) that are just plain and simple behind on their work. I walked in today to a LIST of crap from this adjuster who just isn't keeping it together whatsoever right now, and after she basically blind-transferred me a call on one of her claims, making it seem like I'm the reason why that claim hasn't been concluded instead of owning up to her mistake and admitting that she's the reason, I just couldn't take it anymore and exploded.

It would SO serve them right if I went into labor right now and left them with a pile of work! I'm being really careful not to bring any work home from the office...just my laptop since I can't leave it there. I'm even going to clean out my Magnum tomorrow so that if I happen to go into labor while I'm at work, someone just has to drive me the entire fifteen minutes to my hospital and then they can bring the car back to the office. Perfect.

I had my 37 week appointment today. It went fine, except that my doctor informed me that I'm stuck with the three amigos (see my fertility journal if you're really curious) not only up UNTIL my birth, but after too since no doctor will come near me until at least a week or so post-partum. Lovely. But she did write me a prescription for some lovely drugs that hopefully will get rid of the problem. As for everything else, well, I'm still retaining tons of water (big surprise), my blood pressure is still EXTREMELY low but they want me to watch for signs of preeclampsia since my feet and hands are so puffy, and since my daughter is still growing like a weed and measuring huge, they just wanted to be sure that I'm aware that if I start having contractions, bleeding, water breaking, etcetera, I should go right to the hospital. Do not call her first, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Just go and she'll meet me there. Yes, I'm aware that I'm on the verge of labor.

But do you know when you realize that you are sick of being pregnant?

-When you sigh silently at the sound of someone asking you for the umpteenth time when your due date is
-When you are VERY tired of telling people that you are having a girl
-When you avoid making eye contact with people in the bathroom just so you won't get the "poor pregnant lady" looks
-When the lady at Dunkin Donuts says, "You're still pregnant?" (As per tradition, I stopped after my doctor's appointment today for a doughnut, and since they are at the same time of day every time, the same lady is there every time.)
-When your office manager says, "You're moving SLOW" as you amble by his office and your first reaction is to walk in his office and poke his eyes out
-When your maternity pants won't stay up because your belly is too big but your maternity shirts won't cover your belly either and you're left flashing the office with about three inches of skin

I just have to be social for ONE more husband's office is giving us a baby shower tomorrow. What I could possibly need at this point other than lots and lots and lots of diapers, I have no idea, but there is something I want that I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get. There's a lilac luxe blankie on my Babies R Us registry. I refuse to buy it on principle because I have fifteen blankies already and I don't need a sixteenth. But it's SO pretty and soft and I love it...dare I hope someone got it for me?

Tune in tomorrow for the answer!

Oh, and it looks like my dreams of being back in the gym pushing iron a week after the birth are, ahem, not going to happen. My doc told me today that I can get back to walking at the gym as soon as I feel up to it (the day I go home if I want), but that she doesn't want me doing any upper body weight work until four weeks post-partum and absolutely NO lower body weights until six weeks post-partum...and this is of course assuming that I won't have to have a Caesarean.

Oh, well. Looks like my dreams of turning into Linda Hamilton with a baby are not going to least, not before I return to work in January!


Blogger Erin said...

Oh, you'll be doing plenty of upper body weight work: pick up the baby, put down the baby, pick up the baby.... LOL I did check out your fertility diary, and I wanted to make one comment about the undies you bought. If they're the low cut bikini kind, they might not work if you have a c-section, since the top band might cut across your abdomen in a place that causes pulling on your incision. You might want to stick a pair of some other kind in your bag, *just* in case. Hope she comes soon!

8:32 PM  
Blogger Terri said...

LOL You know what they careful what you ask for! LOL It's getting close and I'm trying to patiently wait for the first photo.

7:37 AM  
Blogger blackcat said...

Yep, sounds like you're ready to have a baby! Aren't the last few weeks just icky?? Of course, when you hold McKenna for the first time in your arms, all the yuck will be forgotten.:)

Trust me, baby doll, if you have a C-section you won't *want* to do any LB workouts! But you will truly appreciate it when you can.


11:41 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

I was wondering when your doctor was going to nix the gym plans. Walking can be very nice though. After Katie was born we walked all the time - it was nice to be out and decnt non-strenuous exercise. Of course, this was after the "sleeping all the time - tired, tired, TIRED! period." Just remember, it's not a race. Relax and pace yourself. You currently have no clue what life will be like when McKenna gets here (no one does, not even experienced moms - every new baby really is different!) so try not to make too many demands on yourself and your time until you figure out what sort of schedule/routine will work for both you and her.

Now deep breath in, deep breath out. You may still have as many as five more weeks to go. Try to relax and take time as it is. Thinking about wanting the pregnancy to be over/going into labor soon/etc. will only serve to wind you up mentally when you might, in actuality, still have quite a ways to go.

2:41 PM  

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