Saturday, October 29, 2005


So I went over to my friend D's last night for a night of stitching and scrapbooking...and she is now my official crack dealer. I am HOOKED. There was no stitching involved...although two of the other girls managed to get in a little bit...I worked on my first pages, and managed to finish THREE with a LOT of help from D. It was fabulous. I had decided that I would start with something fairly easy, so I ordered stuff to do my Cancun trip pictures from 1997 which are nice and bright and easy to pick stuff to go with. It was SO much fun, and I ordered a bunch of stuff to start a baby album from D next.

Yup, I'm hooked. I need a new blinkie to show that I'm a scrapping addict now. I can't believe it. Scrapbooking is one thing that I said I would never do or get hooked on, but it's amazing what you want to learn how to do when you are getting ready to be a parent. In fact, it's amazing how much about you does change when you are getting ready to be a parent.

I didn't come home last night till three am, hence the reason why I'm just posting this now. I woke up around 9:30 am when some Jehovah's Witnesses banged on our door and then fell asleep on the couch and just woke up a little while ago.

My plan for today? Absolutely nothing other than doing laundry (since it's taking over the house), going to Babies R Us to return the Boppy and get the luxe blankie, hopefully stopping by Michael's to check out THEIR scrapbooking stuff, writing lots of thank you notes from the shower Thursday, and trying very hard to stay off my feet as much as possible as they are swelling up more and more every day. Last night after I came home, they looked the worst they have ever looked...I sat at my desk all day, which was bad, and then sat at a table all night and scrapbooked, which was worse. But it was SO worth it, and they do look somewhat normal this morning. Somewhat.

Anyway, no signs yet of labor starting. I did have contractions for about an hour and a half Thursday night, but since they were fifteen minutes apart, very short (five to ten seconds) and went away, I didn't do anything, and obviously they weren't the real deal, because MCKENNA IS STILL IN MY STOMACH! But mentioning it to my boss was enough to worry him, and he was like, "Okay, get all your stuff done that you have in progress as soon as possible." He he he. Maybe that'll lighten the load a bit, so to speak. I really think I have enough on my desk right now to keep me busy for the next two weeks, and I don't need anything else.

Tomorrow is our anniversary...we will have been married for six years. I can not believe it. It seems like just yesterday that we were married! Well, okay, not yesterday. But it does not feel like it's been six years. Not at all. We don't even know what we are going to do...probably will just run out for a quick bite to eat and that's it. P is not feeling really well right now...sore throat, itchy, achy, tired...just in general feeling like crapola. I don't anticipate the weekend being terribly busy for that main reason.


Blogger Christine said...

I've been bitten by the scrapbooking bug, too, but it came from a friend who got into Stampin' Up. I've bought several supplies from there (stamps and stamp pads, no paper or anything) and hope to get to a scrapbook of my Australia trip soon. I love pictures so scrapbooking seems like it should be a natural extension! I've found quite a bit of stuff at Michael's but Walmart also has quite a selection of stuff. Have fun shopping!

Happy 6th Anniversary to you and P!!!

8:02 PM  
Blogger Bellastitch said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

9:10 PM  

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