Saturday, April 15, 2006

Another completed scrapbook

The highlight of my day today was when D, my crack dealer, called to tell me that my Creative Memories order had arrived. I actually let out a war whoop when I saw that she had called...I knew that my order was scheduled to arrive today, so when I saw her call on my cell phone, I knew that it was here!

The biggest thing that I was waiting for was my petal pink coverset for McKenna's first album. I spent time tonight putting all her completed pages into page protectors and putting them in the album. Then I rushed and finished up her third month. Her first album is now complete.

My only thing that is left is trying to figure out what to put on the back of the last page. I was going to just wait and start her fourth month with that page, but I'd rather just close up that book and start a new one with month #4.

I'm debating writing a sweet letter to her and summing up everything that she did during the first three months.

But anyway, the album is done and it looks GREAT! And that's all the McKenna pictures I have printed out for now! I guess it's time to start on something else for now!


Anonymous Phyllis in MD said...

Congratulations, Erica on finishing your first album!! Crackbooking (er.. scrapbooking) is as addictive as cross stitch,so beware!! (Speaking of XS, how's Noah's Sub doing?? Would LOVE to see an update!!LOL!!)I live next door to a CM consultant- I am a definate believer in their products-- esp. their albums! They are very well made, and last FOREVER!! I have not had good luck with others.
Keep up the good work on getting the pictures taken, printed and scrapbooked-- I'm 17 YEARS behind you!! Hoping to start my 17-year old daughter's scapbook this week!!
Can you post a new pic of Mckenna on your blog?? Would love to see the munchkin again-- she is just so precious!!

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Phyllis in MD said...

Whoops-- I meant to say McKenna's first album!!! I know it's really your SECOND album!! (Gotta give you credit, girl!!)

12:15 PM  

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