Thursday, September 07, 2006

The art of corporate upper management politics

In a sentence, I SUCK at it.

I'm way too tired to type in all the faux pas that I have made over the last week since I've started my training to become a supervisor, but let me just tell you's EXHAUSTING analyzing every decision at work to make sure that you're not pissing off anyone.

And for a paperless workplace, they sure are blanketing me with a TON of paper and a million email attachments and emails.

Thank GOD my employees think I'm doing a good job. One of them who I was convinced hated me before I started supervising her told one of the other adjusters in the office today that she (and I quote) "LOVES working for Erica". Wow. That's SO cool. And all just because I'm doing my job and giving her regular feedback on her files!

Of course, there is someone in the office who loathes me, and that would be our lovely recruiter K who refuses to speak to me, make eye contact, or in other words acknowledge that I am breathing. Ha ha ha! Mission accomplished. And she quit...her last day is September 15.

Not too much else to report at the moment except for the fact that McKenna crawled finally for the first time on her ten month birthday. It wasn't really that big of a deal at first on Tuesday or last night because she wouldn't crawl more than a step, but tonight she was sitting in my lap watching television and then all of a sudden decided that the satellite receiver eight feet in front of her was mighty fascinating and that she just had to start touching the knobs and buttons.

We are SO in trouble with the childproofing.

I'm back from stitching exile and on to scrapping again. I went to a crop last week at my friend D's house which was just the boost of creativity that I needed to get going again, and last weekend thanks to some uninterrupted crop time from P, I finished McKenna's pages through six months. I also finally ripped apart two of my books that were segregated by trips and by high school and just went ahead and put them in chronological order, so now I feel a lot better about it and very organized. Tonight, I went through all my high school, middle school, college, and childhood pictures, decided what I need to scan in, decided what memorabilia to paste in my pages, and in general organized them for the thirtieth time. But it's all good...I'm super-duper organized now and ready to crop this weekend! I just need to figure out what I want to work on...I have a few possibilities.

Happy Friday!


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