Saturday, October 07, 2006

McKenna's going to be a mermaid!

Here's the costume I bought for McKenna today at Old Navy, but I just have to tell you that it looks not only way better on McKenna than on that kid, but it just looks better PERIOD in person. I went to the secondhand store today with my friend J in search of a great costume for McKenna since I found a witch one there a year ago for $6.50...and there were plenty of great costumes for $6.50 this year, but none that would fit McKenna. Maybe next year.

So off we went to the mall and Old Navy, and I narrowed it down to Ariel or Pocahontas. Ariel won. And I can't WAIT to see her in it for real. The dressing room attendants were getting such a kick out of me trying the costumes on her, but I'm glad that I did because this one fits! I'm so excited about this, I even think I'm going to have professional pictures made of her wearing it.

So that debacle is solved. I even have mermaid glitter in my makeup stash that I'm going to put on her face and some sparkly hair stuff to dress up her hair. This is going to be FUN!

However, I was shocked to realize how much baby sneakers are today. When we were at the secondhand store, I picked up two pairs of sneakers for her to wear, but decided at the mall that I probably needed to get her foot measured for sneakers anyway. Turns out I was right...she wears a size 5. (I bought a 5 and a 6.) And the guy was quick to inform me that McKenna will need an extra-wide sole. But of course she does...I have wide feet and she's my daughter. But that's not what I was shocked about.

I picked up a pair of the brand-new kids' sneakers thinking that maybe we'd celebrate today by buying a brand-new pair for her since it's her first pair of sneakers. I turned over the shoe to see the price. Can you believe that those shoes were $44????? That's insane. The guy told me it's because "baby shoes are harder to make". How in the world is that possible? They are small and it's not like the babies are going to be slam dunking basketballs anytime soon. I gave him back the shoe, thanked him for measuring her feet, and politely informed him that if I won't pay $44 for MY sneakers, McKenna certainly will not be getting $44 sneakers that she will be outgrowing in two months.

Nope. No way!

$44 for baby sneakers. Talk about highway robbery!!! That's almost as bad as the $100 that American Express Travel Services charged me to change my airline ticket three days after I bought it for a flight that is a month away. Unbelievable.


Blogger Erin said...

L also has wide feet, which means he can only wear New Balance and StrideRite brands. No one else makes wides for kids. We bought L and DH shoes on the same day. DH's were $44, L's were $41. No joke.

7:40 AM  
Blogger Stasha said...

My youngest has wide feet too. Except he's now into the $90 New Balance shoes. I'm so glad when they have sale's and I can get them for 50% off.

4:21 PM  

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