Saturday, September 09, 2006

My crawling master and my high-low

She's everywhere, she can do steps and for lugging around 25# of her own body weight, she's freakishly FAST. That's all I have to say. And we're realizing just how messy our house is.

My high for today: I made a new recipe for mashed potatoes tonight. I have made mashed potatoes probably thirty or forty times and they always come out fine, but tonight I decided to try a new method of making them that I read in my Texas Home Cooking cookbook that I bought a few weeks ago. It involves boiling the potatoes with a lot of salt, scalding milk and keeping it warm for adding to the potatoes, and drying out the potatoes by stirring them on low heat before adding the milk and butter. They were AWESOME. I think I'm in love with the cookbook. So far, everything that I have made from this cookbook has been just absolutely delicious...I've made milagro meatloaf, year-round salsa, and this avocado green sauce. Here's the Amazon link for anyone that's interested...I highly recommend it. It's definitely got a better record right now than my Racheal Ray books, which are slowly taking a nosedive lately.

My low for today: I had my first appointment for a Brazilian wax today with my old aesthetician at Avalon Aveda since McKenna was born. (Here's a funny story about a Brazilian in case you're not clear on what it is.) I couldn't even remember how long it had been since I had been in, but I knew I hadn't been waxed since I started trying to have a baby, so I knew it was 2004. I couldn't remember how long the hair needed to be, so I just left it alone, didn't trim and didn't shave. I'll spare the details, but I really felt I needed to tip D (the waxer) extra because I was so (ahem) unruly, it does NOT look pretty (in fact, it looks pretty darn angry with me), and I actually had to take some Tylenol a few hours ago to help with the pain. And I've had probably a dozen Brazilians!!! It was so painful, it actually took my breath away a few times. I actually started sweating!

And to think I actually PAID D to cause me that pain. WHAT was I thinking?


Anonymous Dana said...

I think I've only been back once since then. Maybe twice. I swear, I'm going to start looking into Laser Hair Removal. This waxing and shaving bit is for the birds.

1:19 PM  

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