Thursday, July 29, 2004

Thursday's Tattle

Good morning to all, and let me just say how crazy this morning has been already! As I've stated already, I've been slated to work for my boss this week while she's on vacation, and due to the storm that rolled through this area last night, we had tons of claims to assign this morning when I woke up. It's going to be a busy day! Not much to report otherwise...I skipped going to the gym last night because of the storm (which means I'll lift on Friday, no big deal) and stitched on the Precious Moments' Noah's Ark for a while last night, and that was pretty much my night. I wish I had had time to give myself a manicure, but hey, such is life. I'm hoping I'll have a few minutes today to get to it, but we'll see.
The meme for Thursday is how I will start out my morning! It's called "Thursday's Tattle". I don't have a button yet to get to this meme...I'm still waiting for the list's administrator to email it to me. I'm waiting patiently, because it is a really cute button. You won't miss it when I do get it's animated and just adorable!
Today's meme deals with lawns...something (as you will see) that I don't give much thought to!
Do you have a seeded or sod lawn?
Quite honestly, I have NO idea. Our house was built in 1979, and was part of a development that was all built at once, so if I had to guess and use my adjuster's knowledge of building and contractors, I would say that in all likelihood, it is probably a seeded lawn as I think all the houses on my street were built at the same time and seeding is cheaper than sod. But I don't know for sure.
Who mows the lawn?
My husband, thankfully.
Do you like to mow the lawn?
I am kind of embarrassed to admit that I don't know how to operate a lawnmower. I've never mowed a lawn. Ever! It involves a fear of running over my feet.
Is your lawn big or small?
Small. I think our total land is half an acre and our house is 1,717 square feet, so it's small. It's a good sized area though for our dogs!
Is your lawn mower self propelled?
No, it's a push mower, which is part of the reason why my husband hates mowing the lawn, but it's not a big enough lawn to justify a riding mower!
Thanks for reading and visiting and come back soon!


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