Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Could anything else have gone wrong today?

I woke up late. I got stuck in traffic on the way to my appointment and was 30 minutes late. (WHY do they decide to reasphalt the roads during rush hour?) The contractor that met me at the fire wouldn't leave and kept talking my ear off. Another contractor on another fire called me while I was trying to eat my lunch, yelled at me, and royally insulted me over the phone about my adjusting abilities...and then I couldn't even remember for the life of me what he said so I could gleefully laugh about it to others. (I guess it didn't hurt my feelings too badly.) My digital camera broke while in the field. I didn't bring enough water and was thirsty all day. I couldn't find a Subway or Chick Filet anywhere on the way home and almost had a panic attack in the middle of a Shell Station because I couldn't find anything healthy to eat. I managed to escape with a package of fat-free Fig Newtons, but then stopped by Wendy's and got a grilled chicken sandwich out of desperation. I was that hungry. Then I got home and realized that my period started. Being that I'm tired, hungry, crampy as hell, wrought with a headache most likely from the heat, and tired (did I mention I'm tired?), I decided that maybe the best thing tonight would not be to go to the gym and sweat. Blah.

The only ray of sunshine in my day today was logging onto one of the bulletin boards and seeing that Stacey's son, David, was found, alive and perfectly fine, this morning. SO happy for you, Prinncess. *hugs* What wonderful news!

My night tonight will consist of eating a Lean Cuisine in about twenty minutes, doing a little work but only a little, painting my fingernails Lapis Amethyst since digging through fire debris under the bed really screwed up my manicure, and then stitching, relaxing and watching television. I need it after my day! If it wasn't so hot, tonight would be a perfect night for a long soak in the tub.

I am waiting patiently for this week's TV Tuesday meme to be posted, and if it's not up by the time I stop working, I'm going to answer last week's questions...which will be interesting in their own right...so stay tuned.


Blogger Amy said...

Erica, your BFL transformation is amazing! I lost 20 lbs on this plan last year, and I'm convinced it's the only thing that works! I will hit the weights again as soon as my son is born. Good for you!


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