Saturday, July 31, 2004

Happy Saturday!

I am really in shock that I have already spent a good part of this weekend hunkered down in front of my computer working, but I have. I stayed up until 2 am last night and then worked today from about 11 am until now, 5 pm. But, it was time well-spent...I feel like I am in great shape for the week, and even better, in GREAT shape for when I go on vacation in two weeks. I'm one of those looney people that likes to have a spotlessly clean desk when I go on vacation, and when I go on vacation, I really am GONE...I take minimum one week off. Anything less, and I don't really feel like I have a break at all! And this WILL be a break. I'm hiding my cell phone and turning off my fax machine and my office phone. I'm not answering any calls. My boss will have my personal cell phone just in case, but she knows and values the importance of vacation so I know I'll only be hearing from her in the case of a dire emergency!

No, I don't like spending my Friday night and my Saturday working. Not at all. I skipped the gym last night because I fell asleep on the way over there and then I decided to skip it again today when I just looked at the clock, realized it's 5 pm and I haven't had anything to eat today other than egg whites, whole wheat toast and some hash browns. I don't even think I have anything to GIVE to a weight workout, let alone cardio!

But it's ok...I'm not stressed. I got on the scale this morning to see my lowest weight in a few weeks, which makes me happy, so clearly I've found my happy place where I can maintain. And I'm glad for that. I'm starting to feel more normal, that's for sure. Tomorrow morning, I'm there for back, biceps and excuses and no letting it sit till later in the day.

I kept checking all day and the Saturday Slant was never posted, but considering how I'm new to it, there are tons of old memes that I can write about, so I decided to respond to last week's theme.

My favorite 80s culture moment is...

Considering that I was five years old when the 80s started and fifteen when they ended, this was a tough question to answer. The 1980s were my formative years! I hate to borrow one of the ideas that was posted under that meme on The Memes, but for me it really was when MTV first came out. I watched a LOT of videos when I was younger...probably too many. I remember Madonna's Borderline video was my first glimpse of Madonna (my hero!), I thought Cyndi Lauper's waffle thing was about the weirdest thing I had ever seen, I loved Michael Jackson's Thriller "movie" and all of the others, I just couldn't get enough of those videos!

And apparently neither could anyone else, because MTV sure was popular!

I'm off to shower and go out to dinner with my husband, and then I am determined to relax working! I think if I put in a few hours tomorrow, I'll be all set and totally caught up from my little "slacker" state earlier this week. *grin*


Blogger Kiwi Jo said...

Hope you have a lovely vacation Erica - it sounds like you deserve it!

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