Thursday, August 05, 2004

The junk food demons made an appearance...

...and I wasn't successful in fighting them off. While I was at the gym, I started feeling these "I want pizza" cravings. Then when I came home and started the endless debate with Philip over whether or not pizza on a Thursday would make me gain 10 lbs overnight, I ate six Pecan Sandies out of the freezer, some semi-sweet chocolate chips, and a small handful of Heath bits. Yeah. Nothing criminal, but I should have just given in and gotten the pizza. As it was, I felt so guilty for eating the junk that I just had egg whites and toast instead. *sigh* At least I got the sugar craving out of my system, right?

What a sick head game this is.

Not a great day office manager emailed me to tell me that Philip just needed to submit his resume over and that was what was required. THIS after seeming so interested yesterday. Sounds suspiciously to me like he's just trying to shove it on someone else's shoulders. Oh, well. It only took him about two hours to blow THAT off. So that kind of irritated me. After all I give to my company every day, the least that he could have done was to give my husband the time of day. Plus, the replacement digital camera that I was sent by my company is not the same model I was is older, clunkier, uses 4 AA batteries instead of 2, and does not take very clear pictures. So tomorrow I get the pleasure of calling our computer peeps to argue with them about why they should send me another camera. Just joy. I can't wait.

I took a spinning class tonight at the gym...well, thirty minutes anyway. My workout partner S and I snuck in there after doing back and biceps and sweated for about thirty minutes. Our instructor is hilarious...he's got all kinds of energy and let me tell you, it's hilarious to see a 50-year-old jamming to Eminem. I'm thinking I'm probably going to have to get him to show me how to adjust the resistance on the bikes...because either it is set too light or I am in just fantastic cardiovascular shape. I just feel like I get a better workout on the Stairmaster. Sheila was smart though and bought a seat...I'm going to have to get one if I want the next experience to be pleasant. Talk about feeling like you've got a perpetual wedgie.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday! I can't wait for the end of the day to arrive! Today was a very productive day workwise...if I keep up the same pace for the next six business days, I'll be in great shape for my vacation.

Off to bed...good night and thanks for newest work in progress, In The Arms of An Angel, is posted on my stitching page if anyone cares to take a peek at it!


Blogger Kiwi Jo said...

I enjoyed having a peek at your stitching pages and I'm in AWE of your work. Congratulations!!! I love the colors in In the Arms of an Angel. Hope you have a great weekend! Jo

5:27 AM  

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