Tuesday, August 03, 2004

TV Tuesday

No new TV Tuesday meme was posted this week, so I just decided to go back and answer last week's. Good questions then too!

1. What's your fondest memory of something on TV?

I remember watching an episode of The Cosby Show when I was about eleven with my parents and all of us just laughing hysterically. That would not be a big deal in most families, but every member of my immediate family (mom, dad, sister, me) has pretty diverse interests in television, and for us to all find something really amusing...well, it was a shared moment, let's put it that way. It would be more interesting if I could actually remember what the episode was about, but I don't have that good of a memory.

2. What's the first show you remember watching regularly?

The Smurfs. I would wake up early every Saturday morning to watch them...they were my favorite.

3. What is the most disgusting thing you've ever seen on TV?

The most disgusting thing I saw on television was an episode of Fear Factor about a year ago where the participants had to drink an entire raw ostrich egg. It ruined eggs and egg whites for me for about a week, and I rely on egg whites as a big source of my protein, so that was a tough week! It was so disgusting. I actually had a physical reaction watching those people trying to get those eggs down.

~Bonus~ What's the best series finale you remember?

I loved the series finale of Friends. I just thought it was a perfect ending to a great show. I always thought Ross and Rachel made a great couple.

And since this is TV Tuesday, did anyone catch tonight's episode of Nip Tuck? I admit it, I'm totally addicted to that show. It's SO trashy. But I really wanted to stand up and cheer when the true victim told off the liposuction witch...that was awesome! Can't wait to see next week's episode when Matt throws Julia out...I admit that I live vicariously sometimes!

And by the way, I just posted an update to my stitching page...Precious Moments' Noah's Ark now has a new picture! I'm so glad I don't have to work on that thing for a while!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Moira! :)

I just found my way here after looking in on the TW Slim Stitcher's Board. I was wondering where you were posting as your personal progress folder wasn't up to date.

I'm so glad to see that you are doing ok and feeling pretty happy. I think you're great.

Big hugs from Alex (aka mooncat) from Perth, Western Australia

4:50 AM  

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