Friday, August 06, 2004

So happy another week is over!

Wow, I didn't realize there were so many people reading my blog! Did everyone see my cool new site meter at the bottom of the page? That'll definitely inspire me to keep writing long entries...if I know someone's reading them.

Today is going to be a busy day. My husband invited me to have lunch with him, so I'm going to meet him at Cheddar's in a few hours, and then I'm going to drive to my office in Plano for a goofy little meeting where I get a small bonus for taking two continuing education classes so far in 2004. Woo! I love getting money! That's the thing I just can't seem to adjust to with working for this company. Every insurance company is the same as far as working your fingers to the bone...what differs one carrier from another is who appreciates it the most. I get a share of my company's profits every year, I get little giftcards and things just for delivering excellent customer service, and now I'm getting a bonus for taking continuing education classes which are required to maintain my adjuster's license? Well, it just doesn't get better than that. I tried to talk Philip into letting me use my small bonus towards my new Dooney, but he wasn't up for that. Denied! I also get to wear jeans today! Last night after my tiny little junk food fest, I tried on my jeans. I have one pair of size 12 Levis in my office (which fit like an Old Navy size 10) and I always know if I fit into THOSE, I'm good with the rest of the jeans in my closet. And they did...they fit great. Today is Jeans Day at the office, so that'll be fun.

Tonight...gym. Ugh. I hate exercising on Friday nights, but if I take a day off in the middle of the week...well...I have to make it up somehow! My next two projects in line in my rotation are Ocean Fantasy by Stoney Creek and Fairy Tale Sampler by Dragon Dreams, so that'll be fun tonight. I felt like it took me way too long to get through the Ark and the Angel. That's mostly what I'll be doing this weekend...the only thing I have planned other that the usual stitching/errands/eating out/working out routine is an appointment with my therapist tomorrow morning. I have every expectation that she's going to tell me that we don't need to work together anymore because I'm doing so well!

And the Friday they are! I never know how to answer these questions about what type of whatever represents me best. How can I be like a color?

1) What animal best represents you?

I'd say I'm best represented by a Labrador Retriever. The more I share my house and my life with Katie and Simon, my Labs, the more I realize my personality and theirs is sort of similar in a weird way. Labs are very personable animals. They are easily excited. They love to sleep and eat, but they love to socialize and be active as well. They sulk when they don't get their way, but are patient about it when they aren't getting their way. They are high-maintenance and headstrong. Sound like anyone you know?

2) What color best represents you?

Yellow...because I think of myself as having a very sunny personality and I'm most always in a good mood and have a cheerful way of looking at least I try to.

3) What season best represents you?

Spring. Spring to me is a season of new growth and new things, and that's totally me. I've always got some new project, goal or sight on the horizon that I'm thinking about or planning for!

4) What emotion best represents you?

Happy. For the most part, I consider myself to be a positive, energetic, happy person!

5) What flower/tree/plant best represents you?

A rose smells sweet and is very pretty and delicate, but is not small or hidden in any way. Roses when in full bloom are quite large and in your face. They also can prick you with their thorns if you try to hold them too tightly...kind of like a defense mechanism. That's me all around...I tend to come out fighting when I'm backed into a corner and if I feel trapped or blocked in, that's when I snap! But I do feel like emotionally, I am very delicate. It doesn't take much to hurt my feelings, especially criticism coming from people whose opinions I value the most.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday and thanks for stopping by!


Blogger Thermalgal said...

Yup, I'm here making your little site meter go up! I've been looking for regular updates about you since about... the beginning of your BFL journey. I lurk on the Slim Stitchers board. What happened to your photos on BodyTracker? I wanted to send the link to a friend of mine for inspiration and it was gone!

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