Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Craving sushi...

Yay! I made it to the gym! And I did legs! I'm sure I won't be yaying tomorrow though. I can already feel my quads tightening up. Blah. My biggest irritation of today...realizing that I didn't completely cover my nails last night when I painted them amber ruby...and then screwing them up even further when I attempted to fix them. I'm too tired to redo them tonight, so tomorrow morning I'm going to start over and get them done before I head to the office for the afternoon. I don't really want to go up there as it is like a meat locker with the air conditioning on high, but I have a continuing education class on Friday that I'm going to with P that is an all-day thing and I need to get into the office at some point this week to take care of some random errands. Tomorrow afternoon is the day. I also invited my friend S to have sushi with me for lunch, so hopefully she'll be interested in that. Sometimes I really crave sushi! I just love the rolls with the rice, fish and avocado. Yummy! And this place that I like to go has such fresh fish and makes all their sushi taste so good.

Wednesday Matinee:

1. Resident Evil vs Dawn Of The Dead: who wins? Neither for me...I haven't seen either! But I guess I just added two more movies to my Blockbuster list.
2. What's your favorite horror movie? Seven with Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt.
3. Who's your favorite male actor? Brad Pitt.
~I See Dead Sales Bonus~ What's the last movie you saw in theatres you wish you hadn't seen or regret paying to see? Insomnia. Plain and simple, it sucked! I don't mince words.

And...What's On 'your mind' Right Now?

This is pathetic, but at the moment I am thinking a lot about work...and a situation that is brewing. There is an adjuster in my office, H, who is the youngest girl in the office. She's 24. She reminds me a lot of me when I was her age...not that there is that much age difference between us, but she's very bubbly and hyper and really asks a lot of questions in a highly annoying manner...the kind that makes you want to wring her neck. I trained her when she first started handling field claims two years ago, and there was one time when I snapped at her so hard when she was arguing with me that I made her cry. (It's a long story.) I felt like such a heel at the time, and worser still when word got around the office what had happened and I was getting high fives and cheers for putting her in her place. To make it up to her, I have basically gone out of my way the last two years to be nice to her. She means well, but she's not a very proficient adjuster and the other adjusters in the office, all the vendors and most of the contractors (and probably her policyholders) can't stand her. She's that annoying.

So here's the dilemma. Remember F, the guy I was hoping would take the job on the fire team with C and I? He said no, so Queenie's on the hunt again for a third before fire season really starts hopping. (That usually occurs around Halloween and keeps going all winter...once people turn on their heaters and start spending more time indoors cooking, it's all over!) H has expressed interest in the past on joining the fire team, and I have done my best to discourage her interest. I know that's terrible, but she would not do well on the fire team. Quite simply, she does not have the fortitude for that kind of work, and she would make her policyholders NUTS. I've tried to paint the job as unattractive to her so she won't pursue it, and even Queenie agrees that it would not be a good fit for her. She called AGAIN today and told me that she is going to talk to Queenie about joining and see what she says. I already know from talking with Queenie that she doesn't feel that H would be a good fit, but H is going to push it based on the fact that she has been in the field longer than C. I got the feeling from talking to her that she feels that she deserves it more, even though being selected for the fire team is a lot more than who deserves it. I've watched H handle her claims for two years now. I know what she would do. She would get to a fire scene and make a bad situation much worse by whipping up her policyholders into a frenzy, which is the best way to really lose control of a claim. And I think when she called me today, she wanted me to really lift her up and encourage her to pursue it, and I just couldn't...not only do I think she wouldn't do well, I think she would hate it. Maybe she could consider it in a few years, but right now I just don't think it would work. And it was on the tip of my tongue today to tell her that the reason why C is going to be good at this is because she has the right personality for it and H, to put it bluntly, does not, and C is a better adjuster than H, even though she's been doing this for less time. But how could I say that to her? I didn't want to make her cry again. Anyway, I guess there's nothing really that I can do...but I am praying that Queenie does not encourage her to pursue it. Grr. I couldn't imagine having to train that chiquita on fires. We'll see what happens.

Off to stitch and veg in peace. Adios!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree about Insomnia. What a waste of money that movie was. And 2 hours of my life I won't get back.


12:05 PM  
Blogger blogmeiser said...

I feel for you about H. Working with someone that drives you nuts. Luckily my H is leaving my dept. I had a really bad day yesterday. Not much better today. My family forgot my birthday. I had a real Pity Day.

2:46 PM  
Blogger Mindy said...

Seven was definitely an awesome movie, IMHO. I just can't watch it while I'm eating. My favorite line from that movie? When R. Lee Ermey's character picks up the ringing phone and says, "This isn't even my desk," and hangs up. Love it!

7:10 PM  

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