Friday, September 03, 2004

Holographic nail polish

My new nail color is a Sally Hansen Prisms nail polish, which is my newest addiction. I discovered it a few months ago. It's a new line that Sally Hansen puts out and the nail colors are almost two-tone...sort of holographic. They shine in different colors depending on the light. They are so so cool! But here's my question...what do you say when men at your office compliment you on your nails? Several of the guys (more than the girls, to my surprise) noticed my nail polish at the office...and commented on it, saying how cool they thought it was. The turquoise opal color I bought last weekend is really's a lagoony turquoise that shines purple. It's very sharp and looks great. The only female that noticed was Queenie...I hope she wasn't thinking, "Gee, that nail polish sure is unprofessional looking!" Are there any rules about what colors are acceptable to wear on your fingernails? I wonder that sometimes. I just think colors like this one are FUN! I'm really weird when it comes to nail polish. When I find a line that I like, I have to have every color. The last time I went nail polish shopping, I bought ten bottles.

The problem I have with being not-so-busy is that I have trouble getting the things done that I need to get done. I'm definitely a person that works so much better under pressure. But I did get a fire today...a small kitchen fire that I'm going to go see bright and early Tuesday morning. It probably would have been better to go out today, but I really didn't feel like it and I wanted to go hang out at my office and get stuff done. Which I did. I didn't get as much done as I should have, which is why I will be working for just a bit tomorrow. Blah.

Anyway, I am glad it is Friday though...very glad. I'm even more glad it's a three-day weekend! Nothing to do this weekend but relax, sleep in, run errands, work out, and stitch! My Mirabilia/MLI stretch of new projects is almost upon me, so I really need to make all my working copies and buy the rest of my floss this weekend. I can't wait to start them. There is just something really fun about starting new projects! Traditionally, I have always used Labor Day weekend as a weekend to get stitching stuff in order since it's usually too hot outside to do anything fun. This weekend is not so warm's kind of nice.

My husband mentioned tonight at dinner that he would like to start a structured weights and diet program again with me now that I'm recovering from my food issues and since both of us have been kind of floundering this summer. I think I might give it a try. The book he wants to get for us looks to be pretty similar to Body For Life in principle, so I told him I'd give it a read when he gets it in. It's Lose Fat Forever by Alessi Fitness. While I'm still maintaining my weight very well, fitting into my clothes and keeping the fat off, I am starting to see a tad of a jiggle around my midsection (more like a softness) and more importantly (if you haven't noticed in my journal entries) I'm starting to notice a decline in my motivation to go to the gym. Six months ago, you couldn't pay me to miss a workout, and now if I hit the gym four times a week, I'm doing great. Of course, there's always Body For Life again, or I could give Body Rx a shot again, but I'm thinking a new program with a different exercise routine might be the way to go. So we'll see what this program is about. I'm going to Orlando to visit family at Thanksgiving that I haven't seen in years, so looking my best and shedding a few pounds would not be a bad thing by any stretch! The biggest improvement I need to make is to start cooking again and taking my food with me when I leave the house again. It's not a bad substitute, but I've been awfully dependent on Subway and Chick Filet lately, and eating out a lot on the weekends, and that's something that I want to remedy. P's biggest complaint is that even though he's lifting heavy iron, his arms just aren't developing like he thinks they should, and he too would like to try something new. So we'll see. I'll keep you posted.

Meme time...lots of 'em!

The Friday Five!

1. What is your favorite summer activity? Ummm....sitting inside in the air-conditioning and not sweating my tushie off?
2. What was one great thing you did this summer? Taking my dogs to Lake Palestine with P.
3. When you were a child, what was your favorite summer activity? Literally living in the pool and competing on my swim team.
4. What has been your favorite summer vacation? I went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with my best friends the week after we graduated from high school, and that was the MOST fun week I've ever had. We had a blast.
5. Summer goes well into September, but when do you feel like it is over? I don't really feel like summer is fully over until Halloween arrives. Halloween to me signifies the beginning of fall.

The Friday Feast!

Appetizer: If someone gave you 3 new goldfish today, what would you name them? Cinderella, Jasmine and Belle.
Soup: What's the worst movie you've seen this year so far? Monster. I thought Charlize Theron was incredibly talented in it, but I hated it!
Salad: If given the chance and you could pick the person, would you want to switch lives with someone on earth for one whole day? It would be great to be Jennifer Aniston for one day. Not only is she incredibly beautiful, but LOOK who she is married to! (I have a tiny crush on Brad Pitt.)
Main Course: What's your favorite season? Name two things you love about it. Spring is my favorite! 1) Everything is so fresh and fragrant and 2) it's not deathly hellish hot yet.
Dessert: What is something you frequently buy that you don't really need? Nail polish. Truly not a necessity, but yet every time I see a new color that I really like, I just have to have it!

The Friday Forum!

1. What color are most of the clothes in your wardrobe? Is there a particular color that you would never wear? What colors do you think that you look best in (or feel best in)? I have a variety of colors in my wardrobe, but the color that I have the most items in is blue. I feel like I look my best in black though...because, of course, black is a slimming color. I doubt that's a feeling I'll ever let go. I don't care for items of clothing that are orange...I think I look funny in orange.
2. What are your favorite colors, and why? Are you inspired by them? Do you identify with them? Do you like them because of the way that they make you feel? Are there any colors that you totally dislike, and why? My favorite colors are blue, pink and purple...and while I wouldn't say that I am inspired by them, they are colors that I identify with because they feel magical and cool and peaceful to me. I do like them because of the way that they blend together and the way they look...they remind me of the sky at sunset or at dawn or of flowers. I really don't care for's just a strange color.
3. What colors are surrounding you right now? What color is the sky at the moment? What color are the walls? What color is your computer's desktop wallpaper? The walls of my office are painted lavender...and that's where I'm sitting right now. My lamp has a soft pink bulb in it, which is casting a pink sheen over the walls, and my carpet is blue. See? Blue, pink and purple. I love them! The sky at the moment is's late at night. My desktop wallpaper is a aerial shot of one of the Hawaiian least, I think so. This is it:

Not a bad scene to see first thing in the morning and lastly before I go to bed at night.
4. Would you ever try foods that are unusually colored, such as purple mashed potatoes, green ketchup, etc.? Do you prefer your foods to be regular colors? Sure, why not? I'd eat anything, no matter what the color, but I'd probably in my mind half expect those purple mashed potatoes to taste like grape and the green ketchup to taste like lime.
5. What is your hair color? Your eye color? Do most of your family members share these same traits? Would you ever dye your hair or try colored contacts? My hair color is dark blonde and my eye color green. I'm fairly certain that my mom, sister and I have the same color eyes, and my sister and I share the same color of hair, although mine is darkening a little faster than hers is. I have lightened my hair since I was nineteen years old. I would try colored contacts if I didn't like my eye color so much...and if I could wear soft lenses. Unfortunately, my hard contacts are too expensive to experiment with colors, so I just stick to clear with a visibility tint.

The Weigh It Is...

How do you cope with being sick? How does illness, and therefore lack of exercise and unpredictable appetite affect your weight loss efforts? I am about the whiniest person in the world when I am sick and not feeling well, and when I don't feel good, I don't care one little bit about working out or eating right. I just don't care and I don't do it. But usually when I'm sick, I lose my appetite and don't eat, so it evens out and keeps me from gaining weight. The last time I was sick, I lost three pounds.

And in closing, the Daily Dirt!

1. Are you a vegetarian? No way, dude! I love steak WAY too much.
2. If so, why, and if not, have you ever considered being one? I have never considered becoming a vegetarian. My sister took up some vegetarian ways of eating when I was younger (to this day, she does not eat beef or pork), and I thought it was interesting, but there is no way I could live without eating chicken, and I don't like vegetables enough to survive on them. There's just no way. I'd gain a lot of weight because I'd stuff myself on grains and fruit.
3. What do you think the pros to being a vegetarian are? If you are diligent about eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, I think the pros are that you would definitely get your vitamin requirements each day and your fiber intake would definitely be met. However, the vegetarians that I have met (and I admit that they are few and far between) seem to exist primarily on salad, cheese, bread and starches.
4. What do you think the cons are? I think that it would be hard to make sure that your protein requirements to maintain your muscle mass would be met and hard to maintain a steady normal weight with such a high carbohydrate intake.
5. Do you think celebrities may have influenced teens to become vegetarians? Ummm...I do think it's been a trendy thing to do in the past, yes.

Okay, that's it! I don't have much to say today...not much happened today. Pretty much just a day of work! Hopefully I'll have more to report tomorrow...


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