Wednesday, August 25, 2004


What a busy day! Meetings, phone calls, meetings, phone calls! Craziness! It does feel good to have things somewhat back to normal. I was on the phone so late tonight that I decided to skip the gym...which is okay. I have a bit of a headache and Philip has a tummyache, so it'll be nice to just take it easy tonight. I'm going to get my stitching out in a bit and we're going to watch a movie. I'm getting my storm claims tomorrow morning, so it's likely that I'll be out in the field tomorrow afternoon, which will be kind of's really beautiful weather right now here in Dallas. And when the weather is nice, there's nothing more fun than inspecting roofs with my job!

Have you ever played that game, High-Low? Where you talk about your high for the day and your low for the day? Here's my high. I have great news! Queenie called today and said that she has found two people to take the place of E and T on my fire team, and one of them is one of my really good friends, C. I'm just tickled pink. She was my first choice to be picked for the fire team, and I know she is just going to be great, even though she doesn't have much experience. I can't wait to start working with her and training her. She is pregnant right now and is due in December, so it is possible that she may be the one doing my contents claims for a few months, which would be SO awesome since I hate contents claims. (C actually likes them!) Anyway. I'm so excited...C is a really good friend, and by offering her this position, Queenie kept her from quitting and going to another company, so I am doubly happy about that. Queenie said that she will tell me who the other person is when she has a chance to tell them, and I have my suspicions of who I think it might be...I just hope I am right! If I am right, it's a guy that I went to property school with three years ago (E) and get along with very well. I think he would be a great addition to our team as well. We'll see. I offered to reschedule a week of vacation that I had planned the week of Labor Day so I could work with these two new people and get them used to this, and Queenie was very receptive to that...I'm such a team player! (Plus, by rescheduling my vacation, I might be able to get the week of my anniversary off!)

I have some other great news. We have known this was coming up for a while, but we got the letter from our bank the other day that we have one (count it, ONE!) final payment to go on our Honda until it is ours, free and clear. I bought that car in late 1998, so you can only imagine how excited we are that it is almost paid for. And as a little present, P agreed that I can buy my new hearts Dooney and matching coin purse. I'm looking forward to that in a big, if I can only decide between raspberry and black!

The low for today...we went to Joe's Crab Shack for lunch, which is great on a free day...not so great on a nonfree day. I decided to treat myself a tad since my weight is still way down and I felt so lean and thin this morning when I got dressed. I had crab-stuffed shrimp, rice pilaf and vegetables, and a little bit of seafood dip and a bite of a stuffed jalapeno. My punishment for this was feeling like the Goodyear Blimp from the excessive butter for the duration of the afternoon. Blah. So I'm taking it easy on the fat for the rest of the day. Gotta love black pants though. I felt so lean in my pants this morning.

Memes for today...first, Homework...

How do you cope with living with other people whose ideas of "clean enough" differ drastically from yours? Are your housemates comfortable with much more clutter than you are, or perhaps much less? What compromises have you found? (Or do you compromise, in the case of family or children?) Fortunately, this is not really much of an issue for me. P is just as big of a slob as I am. We both joke with each other all the time that we wish that the other was a neat freak as it would force the slob to be neat, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Our house isn't filthy...but it's pretty darn cluttered, and of course, there is the dog hair which seems to multiply with every passing second. We do have our little quirks that really drive each other crazy though...he leaves newspapers and magazines around everywhere. I get toothpaste all over the vanity countertop. He forgets to put condiments and cereal boxes away when he finishes using them. I pretty much drop my clothes as I change on the floor of our bedroom instead of putting them in a laundry basket or hamper. He leaves his shoes everywhere and gets hair all over the vanity top when he shaves. I clog up the drain in our shower with my long blonde hair and don't clean it out. He never pulls the comforter up over the sheets in the morning so the dogs won't get mud on the sheets. I leave used Splenda packets on the kitchen counters. Anyone cringing yet? Yes, this is life in Casa de Erica y Philip. Our compromise is that we have learned to put up with each other's habits without killing each other.

And...the Wednesday Matinee!

1. Samuel Jackson vs Denzel Washington: who wins? Denzel. Samuel is a great actor, but Denzel is just incredible...and gorgeous to boot!
2. How many times have you seen your favorite movie? I think at last count, I have seen Gone With The Wind fourteen times.
3. What current event or news would you like to see made into a movie? It kinda already was. I'd like to see the events from 9-11 through current day made into a movie, and we have it...Fahrenheit 911. I'm looking forward to seeing it.
~Four Gallon Pop Upgrade Bonus~ What's your favorite movie drink? Cherry Coke.

Lastly, the Daily Dirt! (I like today's, but I don't like tomorrow's, so I won't be doing that one.)

Disclaimer: please keep in mind while reading the following answers that I lost all taste for most fast food when I lost my weight and don't eat at any of these places anymore with the exception of Subway, hence the reasons why these answers are scant at best!

What will your order be like if you're in…
1. Starbucks? In my previous life, I would have said a mocha frappucino with raspberry syrup, and then I found out about the same time I discovered Body For Life that those things have about 50 grams of fat in now I'd have to say iced tea and a slice of plain pound cake.
2. McDonald's? Ice cream cone dipped in chocolate. (I discovered that they taste like the ones at Dairy Queen the morning that my throat closed.)
3. Subway? Roasted chicken wrap, no cheese, a tiny squirt of low fat mayo, fat-free honey mustard, lettuce, pickles, salt and pepper, baked Doritos and iced tea
4. Popeye's? Iced tea. I'm serious. I don't eat fried food anymore, and just looking at their menu makes me nauseous! I'd rather starve!
5. Pizza Hut? I worked at a Pizza Hut my freshman year in college as a cook. I can't even walk INTO a Pizza Hut now without wanting to hurl...and I'll let you use your imagination as to why that is. But they do have the best garlic bread with cheese that I've ever had, so occasionally I'll go through the drive-thru and get it as a treat. No pizza though. Again, I'd rather starve!

Happy Hump Day, everyone! Thanks for visiting, and thanks for all the great movie suggestions! I'll add them to our list!


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Erica, I'm glad you'll enjoy working with your new co-worker! It does make life at the office just that much easier, doesn't it? Now if only you would convince her that she loves contents claims so much she wants to continue to do them after her maternity leave!

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