Saturday, August 28, 2004


Nothing to report yet this morning other than I'm hungry, I slept in until almost 1 pm, and I AM going to the gym this afternoon after I walk the dogs! I went to sleep after I finished my blog entry last night, so all I've done since my last entry is snooze.

Weekend Wonderings...

1. How much do you value your privacy? Quite a bit. I have to have some "just me" time every day. (Privacy is defined as just me and P and the animals.)
2. Do you respect the privacy of others? Yes, because I know how much mine means to me. That's the one thing that bothers me about my job. I hate having to dig through other people's stuff like I have to.
3. Have you ever looked through something of someone else's knowing that they'd not want you to? Well, I don't know if she didn't want me to or not, but it felt creepy because I didn't have her permission. In February of this year, I received a fire assignment for an older lady that had been strangled to death in her townhouse and then her body set on fire in her bedroom. (I know, I'm sorry for the graphic detail.) Part of my job, of course, was inventorying her bedroom and going through her clothes, her personal items, her books, etcetera. The executors of her estate had to catch a plane back to Michigan, and so they let me into the townhouse and then left for the airport. Most of my time was spent in the bedroom since the whole room was a total, and it was highly creepy. I could almost feel her spirit watching me.

The Daily Dirt...

1. How many pets do you have? Five.
2. What are their names? Katie, Simon, Gabrielle, Moira and Taylor.
3. What type of pets do you have? Katie and Simon are Labrador Retrievers, Gabrielle and Taylor are domestic short hair cats, and Moira is a domestic long hair cat.
4. What pet is oldest? Gabrielle is ten.
5. Whats the weirdest pet you own/owned? Our family owned a cocktiel named Sunny when I was a kid. He was so mean. He never liked to come out of his cage.

And yeah, the Saturday Slant has returned!

Instead of boarding your connecting flight in a never before visited airport, the airline announces that the flight has been cancelled. You will, however, have a seat on the next flight to that destination--tomorrow. To help make up for the inconvenience, the airline has given you a hotel room for the night and $100 USD. You have 24-hours to yourself in a new city. Where are you? What do you do?

The last time I had to switch planes was in Chicago on my way to Grand Rapids, Michigan in the summer of 2002, so I'll use Chicago as the city. However, it SO does not matter where I would be because I know exactly what I would do if this happened. I'd go to my hotel and I'd stay there. I'm so boring. I'd probably take the $100 and use it for an awesome steak dinner via room service from the hotel and then purchase a pay-per-view movie from the hotel and just stay in, surfing and stitching since I'd have my laptop and stitching with me. If I were with my husband, then maybe we'd go out to dinner and see a movie or something, but if I were alone, I'd stay in.

Ok, I better scoot and get busy since I've already slept a good part of my Saturday away! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


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