Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Life now as I know it

I totally understand now why working moms say that it sucks, because it does.

McKenna is totally flourishing with school. She is a total delight for the ladies and they tell P every day when he picks her up that she is such an easy baby, so smiley, so happy, eats well, the whole thing, and she is SO visually stimulated during the day, she stays awake during the day and konks out very early at night.

For that, I am glad. I am SO glad she is loving it and doing so well. I don't worry about her at all when I'm gone during the day.

But I miss her so much. So does P.

My life basically now consists of getting up VERY early in the morning, scrambling to get us both ready, and then we leave. She goes to school, I go to work. I spend all day pumping like mad in between working to produce food for the next day. Then, I come home, eat dinner, pump, pump, pump, and hit the sack only to repeat it again the next day. Tonight she fell asleep as soon as she came home and only woke up once to eat, and I was so exhausted from today that I couldn't do anything fun. I would have loved to have taken advantage of the quiet night and scrapped or stitched, but I was just too tired to do anything. The dogs were walking me tonight instead of the other way around.

Last night she woke up at 3 am to nurse after I pumped (I am setting my alarm now) and I actually welcomed it because it was some alone time that we got to spend together.

Only two more days until the weekend. I can make it!

One funny moment today. I had to have some warranty work done to my laptop today, and of course, the guy from Dell showed up at the EXACT moment I had disappeared into the conference room and started to pump. My clerical, C, knocked on the door, and apparently this guy wouldn't wait so I had to stop everything and take my laptop out there to him. When I finished up, C came over to apologize for interrupting, and told me that when he showed up, all the adjusters were like, "We can't disturb Erica...she's in THAT ROOM!" SO funny considering how many guys I work with that are under the age of thirty-five.


Blogger KariA1 said...

Hang in there!! You will get used to it and won't be so tired. ;)

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