Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Oh, look! A MEME! God knows I haven't done one of these in like, forever.

But this one by
my favorite movie muse really caught my attention.

"There's no crying in baseball!"
~~A League of Their Own

Do you cry at movies? Do you cry when you see them a second time (or third, or fourth....)? What are your favorite tear-jerkers?

Yes, I cry at movies. Yes, I sometimes cry when I see them multiple times. There. It's out there. Now, for my top tear-jerkers that are SURE to invoke tears if I'm having a hormonal, emotional or otherwise PMS-ey day. And some of them are bound to surprise you. My husband P says that he's continually surprised at the movies I don't cry at and the ones that I do.

1. Armageddon. I've probably seen this movie about twenty times, and yet every single time I have to watch Harry Stamper say goodbye to his movie daughter Grace, I cry. It doesn't even change anything for me knowing that Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler dated.

2. Beaches. Okay, so it's a given. I remember watching this movie for the very first time with my friend in ninth grade and at the end, we were bawling like babies. It still chokes me up to hear that music. Cancer SUCKS.

3. The Notebook. I usually don't cry at love stories, but this one got me good the first time I watched it. Got me so good that I rushed out THAT WEEKEND and paid full price for the DVD after watching the Blockbuster copy two more times and then went to Borders for the book. Unfortunately, the movie is better than the book, and I have to say, it's Ryan Gosling that does it for me every time. The Noah in the book couldn't possibly be that cute, could he?

4. Steel Magnolias. Yes, another chick flick. A mother loses her daughter at a young age even though Julia Roberts probably should have taken her mother's advice and adopted.

5. Stepmom. Again, cancer SUCKS, although this time Julia Roberts escapes death and Susan Sarandon gets it. They are talking about Anna, Susan's daughter and Julia's stepdaughter, while Julia throws back a shot of tequila and they both commiserate on how their biggest fear is that on Anna's wedding day she will either be missing her mom or not be missing her mom. Either way, it's sad.

6. Old Yeller. I cried when they had to shoot the dog in the end. ANY movie where ANY dog dies is just a killer for me.

7. The Fly II. Again, ANY movie where ANY dog dies is a killer for me.

8. The Never-Ending Story. When I was a kid, I cried when Atreyou's horse Artax died. It didn't make it any better that Artax came back to life later. Clearly ANY movie where ANY horse dies is also a killer for me. It's a good thing Seabiscuit didn't kick the bucket or I'd have been in trouble.

9. Titanic. 1,200 people die in the northern Atlantic in the middle of the night after thinking they were motoring to America on a boat and for no good reason other than the ship's builders were too concerned with deck space to make sure that their passengers would live. Need I say more? No, but seriously, the scene where the old couple snuggles up in bed together while the water swirls around their bed starts the sniffles, and by the time they go to the scene while the Irish mother is reading to her kids in bed while they wait to drown because steerage didn't qualify for lifeboats, I'm crying.

10. Deep Impact. I can't stand to watch the scene where the parents make LeeLee Sobieski take her infant daughter because they know that they are most certainly going to be overtaken by the huge tidal wave sweeping the continent. Yow.

...and last but certainly not least...

11. The Horse Whisperer. I have seen that movie easily fifteen times, and EVERY SINGLE TIME when Grace gets on Pilgrim and rides around, the tears start to roll. I can't explain it. And the icing on the cake is when she hugs her horse for the first time since the accident and his ears move from back to forward. It's AWESOME.

So, if you haven't seen every single one of these movies, go get them and some Kleenex.

Except for The Fly II. That movie really did stink.

And I apologize if you haven't seen any of these movies and I spoiled it for you, but hey, it's not like they've not been out for a while.

That's it for my maternity leave, folks. As of tomorrow, I am officially a working mother and back in the field. My car is packed, I have a car charger for my breast pump, and my fire jeans are folded neatly on my bed.

It kind of feels like the first day of school...and then again, it does NOT. Even a visit from my replacement A assuring me how excited everyone was about me being back didn't help. I SO wish I could just continue staying at home and getting paid for it forever.

I don't think my company would like that idea too much though. Oh, well.

Tune in next time!


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