Friday, January 06, 2006

A seriously AWESOME day

Today was the BEST day I have had in weeks.

Today I had an appointment scheduled with Portrait Innovations to get McKenna's first professional photographs made. I was going to go to Target, but drove by and saw that this place had a better promotion. I realized AFTER today that it's bait...and their mission is to get you in there, TAUNT you with how freaking adorable pictures of your child are, and get you to open your wallet quickly.

Oh, but what a way to go.

My only request to God this morning when I woke up was that McKenna NOT be crying when we got to the picture place. I did everything possible to ensure that happened. We slept in late, I let her nurse for as long as she wanted, took a bottle to the place, took pacifiers, etcetera.

Not only did she not cry, she was awake, alert, and...smiling. Yes, my daughter SMILED today. There was no mistaking it. I don't know if she just liked the chick photographing her and making crazy noises with her tongue (I must learn to roll my r's) or what, but it was SO worth it. AND she can now hold her head up by herself, as we found when we did the pose of her on her tummy. SO FREAKING CUTE, I can't stand it. I walked in there with the intent of getting only one pose, and walked out with seven poses, $120 poorer. But the pictures I got...oh, they are SO incredible. If I had had unlimited resources, I would have bought them all. They were ALL so cute. And we got two 10x13 black and white shots of my hand and her hand...I was going to describe them, but why spoil the surprise? The pictures will be way cuter than anything I could describe! One of them is so adorable, I'm going to make it the wallpaper on my computer. It looks like something out of an Anne Geddes calendar.

We did see a four-week-old little boy there that made McKenna look like a monster! Was she ever that small? Oh, yeah, maybe at like 32 weeks of pregnancy!

Then later this afternoon, I took her to the pediatrician's office. She wasn't as smiley as she was for the pictures...I think she knew in her little baby brain that something in the form of pain was coming...and really threw a fit when she got her four shots. But she calmed quickly, and that's okay. I think once you watch a doctor put a scope down your baby's nose and put her through surgery, watching her get shots isn't the horrible torturous drama that it would be otherwise. She isn't as big as I thought she would be, but she's 12 pounds, 5 oz, 23 inches long, and in the 90th percentile on weight and 75% percentile in height. I didn't understand percentiles until today, so let me explain that for those that don't know basically means that McKenna weighs more than 90% of kids her age and is taller than 75% of kids her age. The pediatrician was VERY impressed with how she is thriving on breast milk only and said that she has no doubt we can continue to keep it going even after I go back to work.

In other words, I'm growing a little monster!

THEN, later when I was shopping, my boss called me on my cell phone to tell me that I got a 7% raise at work. Which, after taxes, that combined with P's probable raise and the money we will save after we pay off our one remaining car loan, will make the pinch of daycare expenditures not as painful.

AND...we have a babysitter for tonight (my sister in law and brother in law are dying to watch McKenna) so we're going out for a movie! And dinner!

I honestly don't think today could get any better.

As soon as we can, we'll scan the professional pics in of McKenna and I'll post them for all to see. I AM SO PROUD OF THIS KID, I just can't stand it!

Come back later if you want to see the cutest baby pictures imaginable...okay, so what if I'm biased?


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