Saturday, December 10, 2005

Our first night out alone

We went to my company's Christmas party last night and left McKenna with her aunt G and uncle M for the night. I was terrified that she would cry all night.

But she didn't! She did great and my sister-in-law said that they would watch her anytime. My little nieces V and A love their new cousin and really helped their mom at the end of the night with taking care of her. I guess to my nieces, McKenna is like a big living doll...they just love watching her and playing with her.

And the night out really did us good. I love my daughter to pieces, but a few hours alone was really really nice...and by the end of the night we were dying to see her again. And we made a conscious effort not to talk baby stuff all night. My Christmas party was at Dave and Buster's, so we played games, ate dinner, walked around and people-watched, and had a few drinks. And on the way home we stopped and got ice cream at Sonic. Nice.

So every month, we're going to plan a date night and get a babysitter. We are both in agreement that it will be very good for our psyche, our mental well-beings, and our marriage.

Tonight we are running out to do a little shopping...we want to get a new scanner and also do some Christmas shopping. I would really like to scrapbook tonight too, but I'm thinking I'm going to squeeze in a little stitching at some point this hands, even though my fingers are still puffy, are not hurting as badly, and stitching might be therapeutic...kind of like exercise?


Blogger thutmosis said...

Little McKenna is beautiful and precious (I read your blog regularly), but I'm glad you got a little time to yourselves. I love reading your blog and seeing your pictures!

4:16 AM  
Blogger Shannon said...

I'm glad you and P had a great night out! Every new mom deserves some time off being a grown up. :-)

5:22 AM  

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