Thursday, December 15, 2005

Santa's Little Elf...the fussy one

I had a really goofy idea this morning. I woke up with the bright idea of taking McKenna to the mall to do some Christmas shopping and have her sit on Santa's lap for a picture.

Great idea in theory.

Going to the mall with a newborn is no easy task. First, there is the matter of getting the stroller out of the trunk and setting it up and getting her set in it, since there are no carts to put the carrier in.

We get inside the mall and after I get something to eat, we find our way to the Santa area at 4:45. There is a sign posted that Santa is feeding his reindeer from 5-6, so the line is closed. No problem. She's sleeping, so I find a bench, make some phone calls, and then venture my way clear to the OTHER side of the mall next to Foley's where there is a family bathroom.

I'm thinking that family bathroom means there is a couch inside where I can breast feed? Nope. No problem...I'm not panicking. I get comfortable on the couches outside the bathrooms and nurse McKenna. I didn't even get any looks, which I'm surprised about, because as soon as we were done, I stood up and noticed that there was a women's nursing lounge right behind me that I could have used for more privacy! Who knew!

We get all packed up and walk down to the Santa area again next to Dillard's. It's 6:15 so there's already quite a line. I had successfully burped her, so I thought surely it would be safe to take off her bib? I had done such a good job keeping her beautiful dark red jumper clean all day. I had my six week appointment this morning with my OB/GYN and lunch with a friend, so I dressed her up in this adorable red, cream and silver onesie with a matching dark red jumper that went over it, and both things had embroidered hearts on it. VERY cute.

Yeah. She spit up about four times. And not just clear whitish spit up. This had the consistency of cottage cheese.

THEN she decides after we have been in line about twenty minutes that she has a dirty diaper. Even though I just changed her. Talk about a four alarm fire! Since I was there alone, I had no choice...I changed her in her car carrier. Don't ask. The people behind me were quite impressed.

After all this, she's still not a happy camper, so I resort to the pacifier which I try not to use very often. She's clearly hungry, and really gets after the binkie. Just when she's all calmed down and settled, it's her turn and I put her on Santa's lap withOUT the binkie.

Which starts the Ms. Fussypants routine all over again. I think by this time, McKenna had just decided she had had enough with the photo op routine. But they did manage to get a shot of her on Santa's lap between howler monkey cries.

End result:

Image hosted by

After we were done, we headed straight back to the nursing room where I nursed her, changed her, and took off her red jumper. She promptly fell asleep. I then walked back to the Santa area to take some pictures for her scrapbook, did a little light Christmas shopping and grabbed a pretzel, and then took her home.

Now I'm slipping into a coma with my glass of wine. This was the most exhausting afternoon I've ever had. And judging from her snores from the next room, it was for her too. But SHE didn't have to carry me back and forth across the mall several times! I bought a Baby Bjorn today at Babies R Us...boy, would it have come in handy today.


Blogger natty68 said...

Lol its so tiring being a baby sometimes..bless her!!

You sound as though you coped perfectly and the photo is adorable.

2:36 AM  
Blogger Shannon said...

That's a good looking Santa. I think you did a great job with all the obstacles she was hurling at you! Congrats on surviving your first trip to Santa!

5:11 AM  
Blogger Autumn said...

The baby bjorns are great for the mall. Although, make sure you don't need to eat LOL It's hard to eat when you have a baby strapped to you.

6:56 AM  
Blogger Kelley said...

That's a cute picture! If McKenna is anything like Kyra that's the last one you'll get.

Here first Santa photo was at 3 months old. The second, 15 months. Screamed bloody murder. She turned 7 in September and is brave enough to get her ears pierced but the suggestion of a Santa photo is met with a very emphatic refusal.

I hope McKenna is more agreeable for you!

9:48 AM  

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