Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Stitching again!

Finally, my fingers have felt good enough for enough consecutive days in a row to resume stitching, although I seriously doubt I will ever be stitching the mass quantities that I was in my pre-McKenna life.

But like I am splitting my closet between stitching and my new love, scrapbooking, I also need to share time, and so I will be trying better to do so in the future.

However, my burning desire to finish Noah's Submarine is now no more...I'm ready to get back to my rotation again. It will take me a LONG time to get through that long list, but that's the cool thing about hobbies...they are always there waiting for you. And it's just in time...I have now scrapbooked every set of pictures that I can that are complete. Everything else is waiting for pictures to be printed off our hard drive, to be scanned in and printed, or for prints that I ordered from AOL. My father spent hours this month scanning in hundreds of photos from my youth and emailing them to me, so I will have tons of pictures to scrap and crop to my heart's content. I've lost count of how many pages I've scrapbooked now, but I think it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 pages, front and back. I won't be waiting long though...P is printing out my pregnancy pictures now.

I went to the doctor today and just like that, he took the remaining amigo away...however, he did not take me off work like I had hoped. Drat. My plan to game the system was foiled! So, for the next two weeks, I am left with the options of either taking the time off unpaid or working. I went by and spoke to my boss...he is going to talk to his boss about letting me work from home for the next two weeks until I am eligible to take my 2006 vacation. Nope, not thrilled about it, but I'm less thrilled about taking time unpaid just to sit around and find out if Judge Gray and David McLaren work it out (which I am very curious about, by the way, so if anyone knows, can you tell me?), Kelly and Brandon and the rest of the 90210 crew further their emotional growth, and Amanda, Allison and Kimberly destroy each other, so it looks like on Monday barring any objection by my boss' boss I will be returning to the world of the working in some form and capacity. And I told K to tell his boss that if she has any doubt about my ability to be productive, she is welcome to come over to my house and see all the pages I've scrapbooked in the last six weeks since I've been home.

And I'll save the best for update on the little bambino. She's doing great. She's now sleeping in her papasan IN her crib, which she loves apparently, she's focusing on faces and colors and lights (she loves her lighted Fisher Price aquarium hanging on the side of the crib), sitting down?...she's sleeping in four hour stretches during the night which means I only wake up ONCE to nurse! It's fantastic!!!

And here's a current picture...I was given this oh-so-adorable blanket/bib/sleeper matching set by my stepmom and today, when I took McKenna out for errands, I couldn't resist but dress her in it and set her up for a photo shoot.

Clearly, she was not amused at being used for scrapbook material.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good for the both of you that she is doing great and you get your hours of sleep too. Ann.

3:38 AM  
Blogger Shannon said...

She's getting so big! You can see how much bigger she is now than she was when she was born! I'm so glad to hear that she is sleeping 4 hours at a time. What a relief for both of you!!

6:30 AM  

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