Friday, January 13, 2006

I've turned into a...MOM!

Last weekend, one of my friends C (the girl that saved the day with my shower and the girl that left me in the lurch last year at work after she had a baby but still counted as one of my best girlfriends here in Texas) messaged me around midnight on Saturday and asked if P and I wanted to go with them tonight and watch the Dallas Stars kick the snot out of the Washington Capitals.

I, having lived in Texas for almost ten years, have turned into a moderate hockey fan...mostly, I admit, because the captain of the Stars team, Mike Modano, is seriously smoking HOT. I'm serious. Anyone remember his etched six-pack on the cover of Men's Health a year or so ago? Yow! Brad Pitt, look out! We also happen to have a great arena, the American Airlines Center, for the Mavs and the Stars to play's killer with a great sound system, lights, etcetera. Going to a game there is like going to a concert. It's SO cool. We went to a Mavericks game there last fall and it was the same way. Very enjoyable!

Anyway, long story short, I answered YES, and immediately emailed my brother-in-law to ask if they would mind babysitting tonight while we went, and they agreed.

We get there, get an outrageous amount of junk food, and then are delighted to find out that the seats we have are about fifteen rows back from the floor behind the net. Awesome seats.

We have a babysitter. C and her husband M left their kids, aged 1 and 8, with M's mother. We're all out alone as a foursome for the first time in over a year with NO KIDS in sight.

And what do C and I do? We do nothing but talk BABIES AND KIDS all during the game. Our discussion ranged from the best places to get professional shots to whose child cries the loudest when they are having their fingernails trimmed to toys to sleep positions to first words and when her son started walking to bath habits.

The most exciting moment of my night was when my sister-in-law gave me a coupon to get Valentine pictures taken at the mall (oh, yeah, gotta do that!), and the biggest disappointment was when they told me that McK rolled over for them and I missed it. P and I talked about that the whole way home and plotted exactly when we should start the removal process of the bouncer from the crib...decision was made to start that this weekend.

I've turned into one of those freaks that does nothing but talk about their kid. Someone STOP ME!

And to all my friends out there that I regularly hang out with that are at the moment childless, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me because I know not what I do.


Blogger Shannon said...

No worries. ALL Parents do that. Well, the good ones anyway!
I can't believe she rolled over already! YAY McK! So exciting. :-)

5:16 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

Mike Modano is hot?? You're kidding me, right??? My dad and I always call him "Muskrat Mike" because he looks like a muskrat!!!

And as for the Dallas Stars as a whole...well, you can't get me started on that one because I'm an Edmonton Oilers fan. No team will ever be better!

I'm glad to hear you had fun at the game though!

6:31 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

We had nearly the same experience - we were double dating with some friends - dinner and a movie. We picked the restaurant, a fairly nice one, and were really excited about the prospect of an evening without our two kids - you know, adult conversation with people who don't constantly ask for crackers or juice and who don't need help using the potty. They picked the movie. Imagine our disappointment when we arrive at the theater and realize the first movie we are actually going out to see in over a year is Muppet Treasure Island. Ack!

Enjoy Baby McK - what a cutie!!

7:59 AM  
Blogger Kelley said...

Christine I'm with you about Modano. Must be the teeth....

Go Canucks! ( even though they suck right now )

9:46 AM  

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