Sunday, January 15, 2006

Scrapping status

I'm still very much at the scrapping bit, and it's going well. I went to my first crop party last night and finished up my pregnancy pages, which turned out AWESOME. Tonight I just about finished my parents' wedding pages...just have three pages on the reception to go.

Tomorrow I plan on stopping by Joann's and Michael's to use my coupons and probably selecting some more photos to have printed out on Snapfish, plus a little organizing on our cool new external hard drive.

But the idyllic time that I've had off with my daughter is quickly drawing to a close. I'm going back to work on Wednesday. *sniff* I can't believe this day is almost here. And I have so much to do to get ready...laundry, shopping, etcetera. I have to be field ready by Wednesday morning.

Big news flash on the McKenna front. We finally removed the training wheels and pulled the Baby Papasan out of the crib. I'm pleased to announce that my daughter is sleeping IN HER CRIB all by herself unassisted and with no aids and has been since about 9:30!!!!

Of course, since I've been using the crib for storage since she got home, this required quite a bit of reorg in the nursery, including installation of a stuffed animal bed in the corner of the room.

But I'm so proud of her. I just hope she'll go back down in it after she wakes up later tonight, but if she doesn't, it's okay...we've got time to work on it before she starts daycare, which is why we started this weaning off the bouncer this weekend. Somehow I don't think daycare is going to let her sleep in her bouncer in her crib.


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