Friday, April 21, 2006

Sick yet again

My daughter is a germ factory, I have come to the conclusion. Between that and my depressed immune system since she was born (I've taken a survey and a lot of ladies have reported to me that they were sick a lot more in the first six months of their baby's life than ever before), I am a welcome receptor for any creeping crawly that she happens to bring home with her.

I started feeling icky Sunday night but chalked it up to allergies. Got worse Monday...sore throat. Got even worse Tuesday...more sore throat and fatigue. By Wednesday, I was full of aches and chills, but went to work because I had a very important test at work to take. Wednesday night I went to Care Now with a 103 degree fever.

After testing me for strep and mono and taking blood for additional testing, the doctor pronounced me with some undetermined viral infection and sent me on my way with a prescription for an antibiotic and Vicodin to the tune of $182.

The antibiotic I took once just in case it was bacterial...the doctor couldn't conclusively rule out strep...but it dried up my milk yesterday so I stopped taking it. The Vicodin was much worse. It brought on the worst migraine I've had in five years and made me SO nauseous I was dry heaving and puking in the bathroom last night.

So I've learned my lesson. Next time I have a fever, just ride it out and see if it goes away.

At least I've gotten two days off from work, and since it's better for McKenna to spend as much time as possible NOT being breathed on by me, I've sent her to school so I can sleep and couch and recuperate. I miss her, but she would be SO bored and miserable here. I know she's having more fun at school. Mom's just too tired to play properly. But she's doing fine (of course she is, she's got the benefit of my supermilk to ward off the virus!) and so is P. I'm the only one AS USUAL who feels like the walking dead.

I think I'm going to live, and I DO think it was viral because it has seemed to have run its course in due time, but can we say YUCK!?!?!?

(S, if you're reading this, don't worry about tomorrow...unless I'm crippled with a migraine or running another high fever, I'm still planning on coming.)


Blogger Shannon said...

Poor Pookey. I got a similar crud from my nephew over easter. Luckily my fever topped out at 101. Some nyquil and rest did the trick.
Good thing they're cute, right? :-)

1:18 PM  
Blogger Sharon said...

Snark! You know me far too well...
Glad everyone is feeling better now.

7:27 AM  

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