Sunday, August 08, 2004

Drinking English Breakfast tea...

I probably should mention that along with cold iced tea, I adore hot tea as well. One of my first memories when I was a child was my mother giving me hot tea with honey and milk when I was in bed sick. Ever since, it has been a cure-all for me. I drink fully-caffeinated pekoe or ceylon tea first thing in the morning to wake up, decaf herbal tea before bed to help me sleep, whatever I feel like having in the middle of the day to warm up or relax, chamomile to help my stomach's great. My favorite morning tea (what I'm drinking now) is English Breakfast, my favorite nighttime tea is Sweet Dreams or Sleepytime, and my favorite daytime tea is mint.

Anyway, as I sip my morning's the Sunday Brunch. Cool questions!

1. How do you like your eggs?

Soft-scrambled (slightly runny), and it's usually one egg (one of the fancy Omega 3 eggs) plus five egg whites. If I'm eating out breakfast I'll either have two whole eggs or six egg whites depending on where I am.

2. What do you collect?

Cross-stitch leaflets, miniatures, movies, and naval rings.

3. Do you carry a purse, backpack or briefcase on a regular basis? If yes, does it contain only the essentials or a whole lot of everything?

I carry a purse and a backpack on a regular basis. My purse (the Dooney) goes with me everywhere and has the coin purse (a matching Dooney), personal cell, sunglasses case, floss, lip gloss, lipstick case, ziploc full of Splenda, anti-bacterial stuff for my hands, mirror, and nail file. My backpack only goes with me to work and to the office, and the contents of that vary depending on where I'm going and what I'm doing that day, but it can contain on any given day a combination of the following: tape measure, tape recorder, baby wipes, digital camera, batteries, flashlights (I have three...a tiny Mag Lite, a large Mag Lite, and a head miner's light for the pitch black houses), chalk, notebooks, files, laptop, cell phone, pitch meter, deodorant, body spray, utility knife, business cards, pens, scrunchies, and Vicks Vapor Rub (I use it under my nose like the morticians do for the really stinky houses).

4. When is the last time you've read a book, put together a puzzle, built something or did something crafty?

I stitched last night on Dragon Dreams' Fairy Tale Sampler for over three hours...that's crafty! I also framed my Crystal Heart a week or two ago.

5. What was the highlight of your weekend?

Getting to sleep in until after 12 pm both days! (But I still feel tired.)

Plans for today...I need to work for at least a little while, get some laundry done, hit the gym, and stitch! I also need to get in bed at a very decent hour tonight...I have to be at my office tomorrow for a computer upgrade at 7:45 am. How I am going to get out of bed that early, I don't know. It'll be a challenge!

Last night we watched 13 Going on 30. It was cute. Sort of like a female Big, if you liked that movie. It was predictable though...but cute. Couple of "oh, I can't watch" moments, like when Jennifer Gardner leads a line dance to the song Thriller. Very funny.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


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